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Authors, you don't have to belong to one of the many lists linked to the site to join our family. The MB archive invites you to expand your reader base by opening your own page with us. We're auto-load so you can add/edit your stories at any time. If you prefer, direct submissions of any fandom/genre can be sent to the "archvist in residence" at MakeBelieve Archive

Round Robins, wrens and Tree Fics The site offers many opportunities to play in the creation of a tag fic. simply click "respond tothe robin" and write your section. Most of these can be found under the author name "Round Robin Authors" but others can be found by spotting the little robin in the story blurb title

Readers: You play a vital part in the growth of the archive. Your words keep the authors writing so take a second to let them know you read their work. Be aware, you must be logged into the site to send a review. This is to offset any spammers from dropping their adverts into the reviews section

Betas you can register your services on site by going to Your Account page and clicking the box to beta. While your there you can also update your bio info at any time

The archive posts weekly updates of new stories to the

The News section includes weekly blurbs for "New Fandoms & Characters", "New Challenges", "New MLs" and the weekly "Fandom Call" challenge, as well as a daily listing of fandoms with new stories and frequent story challenges

In addition the Challenges are permanently posted to our Challenge Page From here, your stories can be linked directly to the challenge response. Readers can get the responses by clicking the challenge of their choice.

A complete list of the archive's hosted Mailing Lists, Journals and Blogs can be accessed at our Lists Page. These can change rapidly, so check in often, or catch the new lists on the news section of the archive

PROBLEM WITH A STORY: Report problems with a story to the author by clicking the comment card. Also send concerns to be sent to the "archvist in residence" at MakeBelieve Archive in case of a bad email in the comment cards

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SITE DISCLAIMER: The authors do not claim credit or own any of the various fandoms (unless otherwise stated by them) that they are playing in. They do not mean any harm, simply sharing their joy of the wonderful characters with others of like mind. Please accept their gift of words with respect and accept the admiration they were given in.

RP FIC DISCLAIMER: The authors are writing a stage persona, not the actual person. since this is what they know. They in no way claim their works of fiction represent any real person, only a personifcation of the stage reality.