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The WWOMB Monthly Contest

Have you heard about the contest the WWOMB and Squidge.ORG are sponsoring for WWOMB writers and supporters? Click here for details. And watch this space for new winners listed every month!

March 2014 Winners:

  • Most Prolific Author: With 6 stories, the winner is Blackcrystaly
  • Random Author Chosen by the Database: The winner is mbozzo for the story "Leaning The Planet Pobeus Forever"
  • Random Reviewer Chosen by the Database: The winner is 6of7 for their review of "Fireman Mike" by TR Gardner.

    Winners have been contacted via email or website listed here. If you are a winner and haven't been contacted, please drop me a note!

    Congrats to these winners! Each of them receives either a $10 iTunes or gift certificate, or an item worth up to $20 from the CafePress Store!

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