The Great Big OZ Resource List

Many thanks to both Diane and Anne for maintaining this wonderful reference for many years! 

If you know of an Oz-related site or fanworks that should be listed here, please let me know. --Trill

General Oz Sites and Resources

Oz on HBO : The official website for Oz on HBO, featuring images, schedule
information and episode guides

Oz on IMDb : Internet Movie Database page for Oz

Oz episode guide : includes air dates, guest stars and summaries

Oz Transcript Site : transcriptions by gray userheadtrasker & friends

The B/K Bin : tons of screencaps & vid clips from Oz and other Meloni and
Tergesen works

Rob's Oz Archives : an excellent resource site for Oz facts, including an
episode guide and illustrated character listings

Oz on Wiki : information on the show, its cast and characters, episodes,
crew, references in media, acclaim, references, etc.

The Oz Wiki : wiki for Oz that includes characters, storylines, episodes, etc.

The Oz Wiki : wiki for Oz in Spanish

Death! : list of deaths in Oz

Oz, The Emerald Site : a French site for Oz

An Overview of Oz : by rustler

Another Overview of Oz : by blue userheadjalu2

Oz on Fanlore : the briefest of overviews, a work in progress

Television Without Pity : irreverent episode recaps : a collection of quotes from Oz

Beecher/Keller ship manifesto
: by frelling_tralk

Oz World : includes timelines, Oz/Homicide: Life on the Street crossover
guide and more

Farewell to Oz : show inconsistencies, burning questions (and answers!),
character quotes & Oz history

Oz Novelties

Dolls Gone Wild! : adventures with the Oz!dolls: Beecher, Keller, O'Reily, Alvarez, Murphy, Schillinger, Sad, Adebisi, and Stabler.  All dolls conceptualized and hand-crafted by colleendetroit

Follow the Dolls on Twitter: Beecher!DollKeller!Doll, O'Reily!DollVern!Doll

Murphy!Doll & Adebisi!Doll 

What Character am I? : an Oz quiz

Shankadelic's Body Count : a list for seasons 1 - 5 of character deaths, plus all of the details

Variety Show lyrics : lyrics, artists & the inmates who sang the songs during the episode "Variety"

Poet's Poems : transcription of Poet's poems

Chris Meloni: Seducer of OZ : OUT magazine interview, June 2000; transcribed by
Ingrid O.

Actor and Character Sites

Tom : official site of the creator of Oz

The Levinson/Fontana Co. : includes an interview with the masterminds behind Oz

The Official Lee Tergesen Site : includes up-to-date news, screencaps, vid clips and a detailed guide to Lee's career

Meeting Lee : Anne's multiple encounters with Lee!

Fan Site : an unofficial fansite for Lee Tergesen, includes .wav files and vid clips
Chris Meloni's Thoughts on Lee Tergesen : the real scoop!

Fan Site : a Japanese fansite for Christopher Meloni  

Christopher Meloni dot org : an unofficial fansite for Christopher Meloni 

Marina's Dean Winters Page : a fansite including interviews & caps

Dean Winters Appreciation Society : the 'official' Dean Winters appreciation society fansite

Fan Site : documenting J.K. Simmons' 2015 Oscar win

Fan Site : an unofficial fansite for B.D. Wong

Terry Kinney page at Steppenwolf Theatre site :  a corner on the web for the actor who played Tim McManus

Chuck : official site of the actor who played Chucky Pancamo

Betty : official site for the actress who 
played Suzanne Fitzgerald

Patti LuPone : official site for the actress who played Stella Coffo

Biohazard : Wiki entry for the band with Evan Seinfeld, the actor who played Jaz Hoyt

OZ Twitter Accounts : list compiled by lemminglady

Fanvids & clips

Caps & clips by katej
Christopher Meloni in Carriers
Lee Tergesen on L&O:SVU
Lee Tergesen on Criminal Minds

Leeloni vids for leeloni

Fanvids by colleendetroit

SVU Vids : news, clips, cast appearances & bloopers

Christopher Meloni's Early Work, clips compiled by  

Fan Fiction Sites

Unit B Fanfiction Archive : all Oz fic, all the time!  A current archive where writers
can upload their Oz fanfic

Archive of Our Own : multi-fandom fanfiction archive, Oz tag

EFP : Oz fanfic in Italian

O'Reily Fic : Ryan O'Reily-centric fiction

Conjugal Visits : an Oz het and slash smut fanfic archive, archived

Cellblock 5 : mostly out of order! : an Oz fanfic archive, plus episode info,
screencaps and video into season 4 

suespur's Archive Lists:

Cellblock5 list

Oz Yahoo group message number list

Em City Pairings

Individual Authors 

Fiction by actizera

Fiction by alinewrites

Fiction by beechercreature

Blackchaps' Pony RideMore Fiction by blackchaps

Fiction by callmeri

Fiction by 

Fiction by cmk418

Fiction by dragontara

Breaking Parole by dustandroses

Fiction by fictionbya

Fiction by fluffyllama

Fiction by

Fiction by handful_ofdust

Fiction by jalu2

Fiction by kaynyne

Fiction by lalioz

Fiction by levitatethis

FictionMore Fiction by 

Fiction by gray userheadlisew

Fiction by lucylooo

Fiction by AO3 usericonlunadesangre

Fiction by macaron

Fiction by mairead triste

Fiction by mandysbitch

FictionMore Fiction by marylex

The Pokey Fiction by maverick4oz

Fiction by mazephoenix

by mswriter07

Fiction by AO3 usericonmyhappyface

Fiction by dw userheadnatlet

Chrishearttoby Fiction by numenora

Fiction by ozsaur

Fiction by

Fiction by 
gray userheadpilar

Fiction by

FictionMore Fiction by rileyc

Fiction by roguemarch

Fiction by rosybug

Fiction by rustler

Fiction by rhymephile

Fiction by scissorknot

Fiction by severina2001

Fiction by sinewa

Fiction by vanillalime

Fiction by titti

Fiction by torolulu

Fiction by trillingstar

And then some...

I wanna read McManus fic : McManus-centric fiction, list maintained by cmk418

Lists compiled by trillingstar
OZ Porn Tuesdays 
Rarepairs : Eddie/Elliot (Wanted/SVU)
Random fics : list of one-offs, ie too-lazy-to-create-a-second-page-of-fic fics

The Den : fic by Aostara

Mightier Than the Sword : fic by several authors

Oz Fiction : archive hosting multiple authors and slash fic
Oz Fiction : archive hosting multiple authors and gen fic

Oz Fiction : archive hosting multiple authors

Unconditional Love : fic & wallpapers by Debbie

Stabler/Beecher Fiction : a good reference updated through 2007 for Oz/L&O: SVU crossovers, compiled by pengke

Institutionalized : Oz e-zine edited by rustler and handful_ofdust 

Screencaps & Pictures

Be sure to credit the screencapper!

All six seasons of Oz, B/K-centric, capped by fanfromfla

1000+ Oz caps, capped by scissorknot

Tons of B/K caps and other fanart, capped by rollina @ rollina_gate

A whole lot of hot, sexy, naked Keller, capped by rollina @ rollina_gate

Several eps of Oz, listed by episode name, capped by catheights [check the sidebar!]

Seasons 2, 3, 4, capped by poetfades2black

Ryan O'Reily & Miguel Alvarez, capped by visionofblue

Several Ozzies listed, with individual galleries, capped by u16_girl

All 8 episodes of S1, capped by chaoticfae @ dustypaper

S4, Ep16 Famous Last Words, capped by sightsee @ pointless_blank

S3E7 - Secret Identities, capped by ravenlullaby @ mindfulraven

S4E7 - A Town Without Pity, capped by ravenlullaby @ mindfulraven

Lee Tergesen on SVU promo, capped by sevvy23

Lee Tergesen on SVU caps, capped by sevvy23

S6 Signing at Tower Records etc, by fiola_rf

Oodles of Dean Winters, by winters brothers defunct fansite

Lee Tergesen bucket : includes sub-buckets of Oz promos and Lee & Chris photos, from fanfromfla

Various eps of SVU: 1, 23 from dw userheaddianenealcaps

dw userheadtrillingstar_fandom presents:

OZ bucket : Behind the scenes of OZ, photoshoots, promos, pictures of the cast on-set and off-set, publicity stills, DVD signings, etc. 

Meloni bucket : includes sub-buckets of movies, shows, plays, appearances, candids, filming SVU, etc.

Tergesen bucket : includes sub-buckets of movies, shows, plays, appearances, candids, etc.

Dean Winters bucket :  includes shows, appearances, candids, etc. 

rhymephile presents

Melonilicious : includes sub-buckets of movies, shows, early work, etc.

LeeLove : includes sub-buckets of movies, shows, candids, etc.

Oz DVD Signing : photographs taken by rhymephile at Tower Records (2006) 

Oz-Related Yahoo Groups

Cellblock 5 : a general Oz discussion list

Twisted Sisterhood : a Keller-centric list (Beecher and Stabler are welcome, too!) welcoming fanfiction, news & discussion

TSFX : fiction-only list for Twisted Sisterhood

Dean Winters list

Dean Winters pictures

Lee Tergesen list

Christopher Meloni list

Oz Fic : share Oz fanfic and discuss the show in a no-flame environment

palette Fan Artists

Many artists may be found at oz_graffiti

Artwork 1, 23 by aletter2elise

Icons by chureezee

Artwork by colleendetroit

Artwork by daicon_oroshi

Artwork 1, Artwork 2 by dressedindeath

Beecher/Keller Figurines by figurechick

Artwork 1, Artwork 2 by haru776

Artwork by katej

Beecher/Keller moodtheme, by katej

Icons by rollina

Artwork by ria_oaks

Oz Message Boards

Unit Z - The Oz Board

The Unofficial Chris Meloni Forum
The UCMF Archives

Welcome to Em City : a French forum

Em City : a Russian community

Active Communities on LiveJournal

hardtime100 : a bi-weekly drabble and monthly flashfiction challenge community

leeloni : news, pictures, graphics and more about Lee Tergesen and Christopher Meloni

oz_big_bang : writers, artists, vidders, betas and cheerleaders converge to produce illustrated long fiction

oz_daily : daily pictures of Oz characters & actors (includes Theme Weeks & general silliness)

oz_graffiti : accepts all types of artwork (including Six Degrees of Oz); hosts art challenges

oz magi : annual fandom holiday gift exchange (includes Six Degrees of Oz)

oz parole board : prompts and plot bunnies

oz rapsheet : news & information about anything Oz-related

oz slash : for all genres of fiction

oz wishing well : hosts Drabble Trees & other challenges


LiveJournal Communities (Not Currently Active)

acevedo_love : all about Kirk Acevedo

damn sandwich : fanfic community

genpop : fanfic community

lee love : news, pictures and more about Lee Tergesen

life_in_oz : fanfic, fan art, and icons

meloni_army : even more Meloni

oz100 : an icon challenge community

ozdolls : home of the Oz!Dolls

oz icons : icons!

oz_is_dead : Oz is over.  What now?

oz interaction : discuss the show, episodes, storylines, and characters here

oz recs : recs & reviews

secret ids : a mysterious fanfiction challenge

spanish_luck : a comm dedicated to Ryan/Miguel

survivethis : fanfic, pics, icons

tietuckluv : for Elliot Stabler, who happens to look just like Chris Keller ;)

welovedean : showing Dean Winters some love

unitc : information, links & fanfic for all pairings except B/K

RECS from LiveJournal (& Beyond)

crack van : fanfic recs

ozrecs : recs from your peers

recslikewhoa : fanfic recs

smutday : fanfic recs & picspams

recs : fanfic recs

recs compiled by ozsaur

B/K recs, posted @ oz_interaction

OZ fanart recs, compiled by trillingstar

recs compiled by dawnydiesel

recs compiled by layniek

recs compiled by gray userheadhecate & usersandrine

recs @ mirrordance

  Challenge Results

Oz Big Bang

2009 Boom, Boom, Baby!!
2010 Boom, Boom, Baby!!
2011 Boom, Boom, Baby!!
2012 Boom, Boom, Baby!!
2013 Boom, Boom, Baby!!

Visit oz_big_bang for more details.

Drabble Trees at oz_wishing_well

The First Ever Oz Drabble Tree
The Return of the Oz Drabble Tree
The Little Oz Drabble Tree That Could
Are You There God? It's Oz Drabble Tree
Oz Drabble Tree Knows Best!
In Oz Drabble Tree, No One Can Hear You Scream
This Is An Emergency Oz Drabble Tree
Please, Sir, May I Have Another Oz Drabble Tree?
Leggo My Oz Drabble Tree
Come With Oz Drabble Tree If You Want to Live
Waiter, There's an Oz Drabble Tree In My Soup
The Ides of Oz Drabble Tree
Oz Drabble Tree Gives Love a BAD NAME! 
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Oz Magi Master Lists at oz_magi

Oz Magi 2015 new NEW!
Oz Magi's Party in the Dress Factory 2015  new NEW!
Oz Magi 2014
Oz Magi's Party in the Dress Factory 2014
Oz Magi 2013
Oz Magi 2012
Oz Magi 2011
Oz Magi 2010
Oz Magi 2009 
Oz Magi 2008
Oz Magi 2007
Oz Magi 2006
Oz Magi 2005 #1 and Oz Magi 2005 #2
Oz Magi 2004

Challenges & exchanges

Summer of OZ 2015 master list new NEW!

2012 Oz Graffixation master list
2011 Oz Graffixation master list

2010 Kill-A-Thon master list  
2010 Kiss-A-Thon master list 

2010 Oz Free For All master list

2009 Oz Free For All master list

2008 Halloween Grab Bag master list

2008 Shivs & Shanks Ficathon master list

2007 10th Anniv. Art Challenge master list

2006 Christmas Wishes master list

2006 Five for Six Challenge

2005 Valentine Challenge

The Sincerest Flattery : the Oz Pastiche fanfic challenge

Porn Battles, hosted by oxoniensis : searchable by fandom and prompt


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