The Secret Logs of Mistress Janeway
by NovaD
The Message

A Word From the Mistress: This log stems from the last pitch I was to make at Deep Space Nine. The previous attempts were interesting, but fruitless in the end. I really wanted to do this one, but the decision was made that the writing staff would do the last season. So, for what it’s worth, here’s the NC-17 version.

Note of What Has Gone Before: When Voyager encountered a vast radioactive nebula, Captain Janeway ordered the crew into stasis tubes, leaving only Seven to monitor ship's systems and make repairs. For a being use to the constant contact of a Borg Collective, the month she spent totally alone was a considerable strain.

Janeway and the crew become victims of Artius, the last survivor of a world assimilated by the Borg, who blamed Voyager for his people's plight. Although Voyager escaped his trap, and even makes some headway on their journey, Seven bluntly informed Janeway that Voyager's preoccupation with exploration was a hinderance to their return to the Alpha Quadrant.

Captain’s Personal Log:

In my more stressful moments, I postulated that they were all trying to drive me insane. It was some sort of very subtle mutiny, I would decide then, not a random set of coincidences and serendipitous timing. Somehow, it seemed more comforting that my crewmen were conspiring against my command than that I was the victim of the random forces of the Universe. Either way, I had to find a way to live with the situation. Escape was out of the question.

Seven bellowed at me that I had failed in molding her in my image while finding every way possible not to go back to her precious collective. That behavior would not have been nearly as confusing as it was were it not a 180 from weeks before. Images from that amazing week were often all I had to cling to in the effort to keep my sanity.

My little protege had been unnerved by her isolation during our trip through the Mutara Nebula. Despite her efforts to hide it, her foray into Mess Hall conversations was extraordinary, but weren’t a complete surprise to me. I was pleased. Even Torres was beginning to warm ever so slightly when Seven was around. The Lieutenant was discovering what Kim and I already knew. Seven had a well developed sense of the ironic and natural comic timing. She could be a lot of fun to talk to if the target of her dry wit wasn’t me.

The more conversational Seven was not the only thing that made that wonderful week -- it seems so long ago now -- very special. It was her new found cuddliness. The trait first manifested itself to a deeply grateful Ensign Kim.

"I woke up and found her naked and just wound all around me," Kim had said in dismay. "Don’t get me wrong. I really didn’t mind. It was just such a surprise."

"What did she say when you woke up?"

Mr. Kim had looked even more puzzled. "She thanked me, then asked if I wanted to copulate."

I hadn’t been totally surprised. "It’s understandable, Harry. Seven was traumatized by being so isolated. It was her greatest fear," I’d said. "She’ll probably need close contact for a while."

"I’m here to help," Harry had replied with a grin. "No sacrifice is too great."

"You are so kind," I’d observed.

Her neediness was an interesting development. Since she and Kim didn’t have many nights in common, I’d wondered what she would do on those occasions when Harry was on duty. The answer came when I woke up the next morning feeling a delightful pair of nipples boring into my back. It had been both unexpected and quite pleasant. I’d decided not to address the situation at the time out of indecision over how she should address me. Calling me Captain would have been ludicrous. And I was far too warm and fuzzy to be called Mistress at that moment. Thus, I hugged her warmth to my body and we drifted back to sleep. The next morning, Seven demonstrated her considerable gratitude by tonguing and sucking at my clit until I screamed.

In addition to these wonderful developments, my protege had been making excellent progress in training. She was nowhere near perfection in her deportment and there was still far too much arrogance in her eyes when I put her through her paces, but she was -- incrementally -- responding. I had even stopped using the most effective inducements toward her compliance, the threat of releasing her.

Everything hit a wall when that damnable alien showed up. Everything reversed to nearly the beginning with her. Seven retreated from everyone including Mr. Kim. That made him uncharacteristically remote even to me. It seemed despite evidence to the contrary, he blamed me for her behavior. It was our first serious rift in a very long time. In part out of frustration and in part from Barrow’s advice, I withdrew to let them work through their own heads.

Outside my cozy circle, there were others plotting to rob me of my sanity. Tom Paris was spending more and more time tinkering with everything on Voyager except B’Elanna Torres. And it seemed to be a most unsatisfying situation for them both. Each would make vague forays toward me about talking to the other regarding the Circle. My replies never changed thus I was puzzled as to why they kept asking me to interfere.

Of course, when they did take my advice and endeavor to talk to each other, a fight would ensue during which each accused the other of lacking real faith in the relationship. I had to throw up my hands. If they didn’t get that couples need basic communication between each other before they could serve as slaves, it was pointless for me to tell them.

That brings me to my darling Commander who was the most diabolical of all. He tormented me with long lovely evenings filled with tasty, simple meals, soft music and engaging conversations. Most encounters featured an exquisitely evil foot massage. And just when I was a complete puddle, he would kiss me. That mouth would claim and seduce me sending my world off kilter. When next I had a coherent thought, I’d find myself cradled in his arms pressed against his chest. The last orgasm would still be fluttering through my trembling body.

"Chakotay," I’d whispered the last time he rendered me a limp, mindless mass of quivering flesh. "What do you want?"

I then found myself on my back caught in that warm dark gaze. "I want what you want, Kathryn. And you know what you want."

That kiss was a good start. And that body pressing me down.

He knew what I wanted. Maybe I wanted him to make me admit it. But he was too smart to try that. And he had all the time and all the weapons he needed. No wonder I felt crazy.

Thus, I was ensconced in my Ready Room with orders not to be disturbed trying to relax with a cup of tea. Perhaps, I could find a nearly invincible alien to throw the ship at and get my mind off my troubles. Of course, my orders seemed to have no bearing on Seven’s plans.

"Seven to Captain Janeway."

I sighed then slowly inhaled then exhaled. "Janeway here."

"Captain, I have been successful in retrieving more messages from the Starfleet transmission," she said.


"Two. Both are for you."

I was intrigued. "Bring them to my Ready Room."

"I am en route."

The luscious Borg looked bemused when she set the padd on the table.

"You have a question?" I asked.

"I have many, but they will wait until you have examined the transmission," she replied.

I looked at the padd with a frown. "You said there were two."

"I am cleaning the second transmission. It is quite garbled," she said.

"Very well. Thank you, Seven."

She nodded curtly then departed.

I keyed up the message and smiled immediately. I had expected another communique from Starfleet, but this was a personal one.

Dax! Darling, tasty Dax!

My day had brightened considerably.

"Dear Kathryn, I was thrilled to hear that you had survived and are on an adventure. I thought you’d like to hear a friendly voice from home. Mine isn’t the only one either. I’ve been on an adventure myself recently that involved you, believe it or not. Encoded in this message is a holoprogram. You’ll enjoy this all the more if you view it rather than read it. And if you have activated the Barrows program, run it in her presence," Dax wrote. "She will enjoy it as well."

"Barrows?" I thought with a start. "How on Earth would she know about that program?"

I made my way quickly -- very quickly -- to the Holodeck. My anticipation was hard to control.

Barrows was up and running when I entered.

"Greetings, Mistress," I said genuflecting. "I have a program from Dax that she wants us to see."

"Dax!" Barrows nearly squealed. "How exciting. By all means..."

I activated the program then took a seat at her feet."

We immediately found ourselves in Jadzia’s quarters -- or they looked like hers. The decor had changed. There was a lot more fur and edged weapons.

"For me, this all began at a very early hour of the morning," Dax said.

"Sisko to Dax..."

A slim arm snaked from beneath the fur covers to grasp a com badge. Dax sat up revealing a large, muscular Klingon sleeping beside her.

"Dax here..." she said with a sleepy irritated tone.

"Hate to wake you, old man, but I need you to report to my quarters immediately," he replied.

Dax swung her feet off the bed clearly confused.


"I’ll explain when you get here. Hurry. Sisko out."

The Klingon stirred.

"Go back to sleep. I’ll be back soon."

I got a good look at the man when Dax left the bed.

"That’s Worf. I’ve heard about him," I said with dismay. "I’d have thought him too sullen for someone like Jadzia."

"I don’t know. He has more attributes that counter sulleness. Have you ever had a Klingon male?" Barrows asked.

"No," I replied with annoyance returning my attention to the program.

"I found out quickly why the Captain had made such an odd request at such an odd hour," Dax said.

She entered to find a man who looked like Engineer Miles O’Brien holding a weapon on the Captain.

Dax looked really annoyed, but not really surprised. "Smiley, this is really getting old. Don’t you know we’re in a war now? We don’t have time for your problems."

"So your Captain has been telling me, but I think I have an offer that would appeal to your sense of adventure, if not your altruism," he said. "And it would bring an end to our conflict."

"And to your visits?" Dax asked.


"What is this adventure I’d be interested in?"

Dax seated herself. Smiley relaxed a little but kept the weapon trained on Sisko.

"We’ve made a lot of progress hitting the Alliance around the edges, but there is one person who could shift the balance of power in our favor permanently," Smiley said. "There is a Terran mercenary coming to our sector."

"A Terran? How could a Terran hold that much power over the Alliance?" Sisko asked.

"She inherited it from her mentor," Smiley said. Disgust was clearly in his voice. "There was a club in the capital of the Alliance -- a sex club of legendary reputation. It was run by a Terran woman who used it to learn all the secrets and weaknesses of powerful males and females who were members. She knew things that could get its members demoted, jailed or executed and she knew how to use it. All of this data was passed to her prized pupil.

Dax had an odd expression on her face. "Who is this mercenary?"

"Janeway is her name. Like her mentor, she goes by the title of Mistress," he said. "The Dax of my universe is a favorite contemporary."

"Well, this Dax hardly knew Captain Janeway," Sisko sputtered. "And there’s no way that the Janeway here is anything like..."

Sisko grew quiet as he looked at Dax’s face. "What?" He demanded.

"There is a club, you know... Curson told you about it."

"He mentioned a place, but Captain Janeway..."

"Was one of the owner’s best students," Dax replied.

Sisko was flabbergasted. "She was only here a short time..."

"Curson was very curious about her. So was I," Dax said with a shrug. "She was the favorite pupil of an infamous Dominatrix... one who’d flogged Kirk..."

"But Captain Janeway..."

"Benjamin, don’t be so stuffy. We all have secrets," Dax replied.

"Mine don’t involve whips and chains."

"This is amusing, it really is," Smiley said. "But I’m pressed for time. Janeway is coming on a mission to capture one of our best captains."

"And you think she’ll listen to me, er, Dax?"

"Oh, yes," he smiled mirthlessly. "She has quite a warm spot for Dax. As I gather Captain Janeway has for you."

"You read her personal logs!" Sisko snapped.

"I couldn’t break into your Club’s security," Smiley replied. "Starfleet could learn a lot from them. What do you say?"

"Dax, you’re a married woman now," Sisko cautioned.

"And I won’t break my vows, Benjamin. It would be nice to win a big battle without bloodshed," Dax said. "I’d love to meet this Janeway. Besides, you know how to pull me back."

"Dax," Sisko said in exasperation.

"Pull me back if you need me... and tell Worf."

"Coward," Sisko quipped.

They argued some more, but it was clear where it was going. Barrows was as riveted as I was.

In the next moment we were with Dax and Smiley in a much seedier version of Deep Space Nine. Dax had changed into more provocative attire with her hair tied up.

"She’s really tasty," Barrows said.

"Oh, yeah," I concurred.

"Is the ship in range?" Smiley asked.

"Yes, but she’s not responding," a crewman replied.

"Dax, you try," Smiley said.

"Dax to Janeway. Mistress," Dax purred. "You were in the neighborhood and not going to visit?"

The screen blinked and there I was or rather there she was. The Mistress was wild haired clad in a buttery leathery corset, breeches and thigh high boots and opera length gloves. Her expression was mirthful and feral at once. I’d seen it on my face when I could completely forget my Starfleet self.

"Magnificent," Barrows whispered.

That Mistress considered Dax. "A tasty thought as always, pet. But I don’t like your neighborhood. Besides, I’m hunting some delightful game."

An image of a more rough hewn Chakotay appeared on screen. He was incredible.

"Hunting him, why?"

"Aside from the obvious, Dear One, he’s an enemy of the Alliance," she said drily.

"What’s in it for you?"

"I get to keep him, his ship and whomever I find interesting," the Mistress said.

"Want some company for a while?"

The elegant brow arched while the mouth smirked. "Always. But don’t bring any of those friends of yours."

"You know I party solo," Dax said.

"That’s my Dax," Janeway smiled. "I’ll transmit the coordinates under your code."

"Transmitting code," Dax said. "Get me a ship, Smiley."

"I should have been much more nervous," Dax said as the ship approached the coordinates. "But aside from the ability to return at will, I was certain that at her essence, I could reach this Janeway. The Mistress I knew was a keen student of humanoid psychology. I was sure that this was the case here. Why else would all of those important people fall under the spell of the Club? How could she learn their weaknesses without seeing their true faces? All I had to do was find a compelling incentive to make her turn.

"As I approached the coordinates, Janeway’s ship was approaching with another vessel already in tow. I knew there was going to be a party. I just hoped that there would be no bloodletting in my presence," Dax said drily as her ship -- dingy was more like it -- landed in the shuttle bay.

"True to her training, this Janeway sent a perfectly delightful pair of emissaries to greet me. I knew the man from Voyager’s visit to Deep Space Nine, but I didn’t recognize the woman. Is there anyone in your life like this amazing creature?"

The man was Kim. He was leather clad, collared and defiant. His hair was long and almost lionine. He was buffer, more physically intimidating. The sensuality I saw only in private was released. He exuded it. He was making me quite wet. The young woman was Annika. Seven’s ramrod posture was there, but that that was from the corset she was spilling out of. She wore a tight leather knee-length skirt and short high heeled boots. He hair was loose and bed tousled and she wore a collar.

"Gods," I said.

"You have got to loosen that wench up," Barrows hissed. "Think of the fun we could have with that."

I sighed.

Dax smiled. "The Mistress has done quite well with her acquisitions."

Annika arched a brow.

"And her ship is impressive," Dax said.

Kim smirked. "The Mistress awaits in her conference room."

Dax followed the pair through the ship to a place deep in the bowels of the vessel. Beyond a pair of double doors was a dungeon almost identical to the one in the Club. In the center of the room, shackled to a post, was Chakotay. His head hung forward. His eyes were closed. I assumed he was either stunned or drugged. He looked more gaunt than the photos I’d seen. His clothes made him look more dangerous.

The Mistress found Dax partially in the shadows lounging in a luxurious chair in front of Chakotay.

"That’s some party favor," Dax said. "How did you capture him so quickly?"

"I turned my cannons on a refugee camp. This rebel is known for his compassion as well as his skill in battle," she replied as she walked around him. "He is quite a specimen for such sentiments. What do you think of my crew?"

"You must tell me where you shop," Dax replied with a smile.

"Well, you know... all the comforts of home..."

Mistress Janeway was distracted from Dax. Her eyes never really left the rebel. It was as though she was willing him awake.

"I was glad that the Mistress was distracted," Dax said. "It kept me from reminiscing about the times we’d never had."

I was distracted as well from the anticipation. What would Chakotay’s reaction be to this Janeway under those circumstances?

Then, he stirred and the room seemed to go still. It didn’t take long for the few soft moans to grow quiet. He was getting his bearings without looking up. Janeway motioned for Kim and Annika to leave. Kim threw the Mistress a knowing, amused look. Annika had the same disdainful glare Seven would when told to do something she didn’t want to.

Mistress Janeway flipped a light in his face. Dax was now completely in shadow. When the Mistress stepped into the light, she was all that Chakotay would see.

"There is no need to pretend with me, Chakotay," she said. "I always want honesty between us. Look at me, Captain."

"Have you ever been in a place when lightening strikes?" Dax asked. "The oxygen was nearly dissipated with the chemistry."

I felt it, too. They looked into each other’s eyes and saw one another. That Kathryn swallowed hard as she leaned in to consider him.

"The ruthless rebel with a heart of gold," she purred. She stroked his cheek with her right index finger.

"The mercenary no man can resist," he replied in a husky voice.

Janeway shrugged. "I understand weaknesses."

"You haven’t found all of mine," he said.

"I know. That will be the fun between us," she replied with a smile.

Chakotay looked resigned and disappointed. His mouth became a hard grim line. "So that’s how it’s to be? Torture for information then turn me over?"

"Never assume anything with me, Captain."

"You aren’t going to turn me in?"

"No one said anything about that. I was paid to stop you. The information you held became useless the moment I locked onto your ship," she replied. "Torture would be pointless unless it was for amusement."

"What of my crew?"

"I’m keeping them detained in comfort and security so long as you behave yourself."

Her hands were moving up his sides gauging his build. The Captain was straining against his shackles, but not to get away from the Mistress. He wanted to get his hands on her.

"What do I get out of this amusement?" Chakotay asked quietly. I could hear the lust in his quiet tones. It was making me very crazy.

Janeway whispered very close to his lips. "If done correctly, and I do everything correctly, you’ll have a life altering experience. But we can make this even more sporting for you. While I’m learning how to own you totally, you can try to persuade me to join your little revolution. You’ll even have an ally in this effort. Isn’t that right, Dax?"

"Mistress?" Dax asked with surprise.

"It’s me, Jadzia," Kathryn said with a smirk though her eyes never left Chakotay. "I know you wouldn’t leave your ship and your base for a social call, no matter how extraordinary the encounter. I know your value to this cause, pet."

"So much for foreplay," Dax said grimly. "Shall I leave you two alone to get acquainted?"

"No need. You know how I love an audience," the Mistress replied. "Right now, I need to see all of the Captain’s skin."

Janeway tripped the lock on the shackles then stepped back quickly. Chakotay lowered his arms then shook them briefly.

"Move two meters to the left," Janeway said.

Chakotay complied looking at her with that amused, bemused expression I’d seen him look at me so very often.

"Why are you looking at me like that," Janeway demanded.

Chakotay shook his head. "I am in so much danger. My life, my crew’s lives are in the hands of a dangerous woman that I don’t know. And all I can think about is tasting you."

She smiled at him. Only I caught the hitch in her breathing. "You have to earn that privilege. Take you clothes off."

A ghost of a smile crossed his face before he complied. His eyes never waivered from hers as he efficiently removed the garments then stepped out of his shoes. He was magnificent as always and quite erect.

"Oh, we are going to have a lovely time," Janeway said. "Raise your hands over your head and relax."

The shackles slid into place over his wrists and his ankles secured providing protection to Janeway. I knew why she wanted Dax there. She needed the third party to keep her on track. Left alone, the Mistress would be beneath that hard bronzed body in a second. She took out her riding crop to touch his skin.

"You will give me all the altruistic reasons for joining the rebellion," she murmured as she considered the planes along his back. "That won’t appeal to me. Dax, what are your arguments?"

"Self preservation, Mistress. The Alliance is getting very nervous. Each new battle smacks of desperation," Dax said. "You are a danger to some highly paced, increasingly jittery beings. Eventually, one or more of them will come after you.

"Using only a fraction of your data will throw the Alliance into chaos thus ensuring your safety," Dax said.

"What about the Club?"

"I’m certain you’ve got a plan to shut down in the event of an emergency," Dax said. "And the new government will need their stress relieved as well..."

"I can’t do it," Janeway murmured.

Chakotay snapped his head around.

"Mistress?" Dax asked.

"I can’t thrash him," she said tossing aside the riding crop. "Why can’t I redden that beautiful skin?"

Dax chuckled in relief. "I think you’ve succeeded in tormenting him just the same."

"Have I Chakotay?" She asked. Her body was flush with his. Her lips were millimeters from his.

He inhaled deeply. "Gods, yes."

She then went after his skin with her gloves. Her fingers ran through his hair. The Captain shut his eyes which allowed her to caress his face. This Janeway was having trouble breathing. Her control was waning.

Suddenly, Barrows was in the room. She was young and clad in an old Empire style Starfleet uniform made of red leather. Upon her entrance, I noticed the holo-emitters in the room.

"Oh, my. He is quite something, isn’t he? I think these Rebels are better equipped than the Alliance," she said examining him with a clinical eye. "Too much inbreeding, I’d say. What are your plans for him?"

"I haven’t decided. He and Dax are trying to persuade me to join their noble cause," she replied.

"Dax is here?"

Dax stepped into the light. Barrows smiled brilliantly. "Oh, I like this one a lot... you are a vision," she whispered stroking her cheek. Dax was completely fascinated.

"The years have been inexplicably kind, Mistress," Dax smiled.

Barrows laughed with glee. "You might say that death was the best thing that’s ever happened to me."

"Scientists have never measured Barrows’ seratonin levels," Dax said in narration. "I don’t think there is a scale high enough."

"What is your advice, Mistress?" Janeway asked.

"Leave the Alliance?" She said inclining her head. "I think it’s time. I think the fear of being overthrown will soon outpace the fear of blackmail."

"We should use the information while it’s still valuable," Janeway murmured.

"And negotiate for a new establishment after the war, of course," Barrows said. "This arrangement would elevate this beautiful man from prisoner to guest. You could release the shackles..."

"Thank you, Mistress," Janeway said with a bow of her head. "You always give me clarity."

"That’s why I’m here, Darling," Barrows smiled. "Oh, what do you want me to do with the Intendent? She’s causing quite a stir from that closet."

"You have the Intendent in a closet?" Dax asked with incredulity.

"Darling, she is just a bit much with all that sighing and undulating. I wanted to shove her out a hatch," Janeway muttered. "I certainly couldn’t have her near this one. Let me think... Could you do me another favor, Mistress? Annika and Harry are feeling neglected. Would you..." Janeway asked.


"That’s it then," Janeway smirked. "Let the witch listen to the session, but don’t let her out of that closet until we reach the station. Yes, I rather like that."

"What a fine thought. I love it. Dax, darling, make sure to visit with me before leaving," She said and was gone.

"What are your terms, Mistress?" Dax asked.

"I’ll provide specs for a new club. I expect them to be met fully. I will decide what information to use and when to use it," Janeway said.

"We could use your expertise in battle as well," Dax said. "Your crew is renown for it’s brutal efficiency."

Janeway smiled. "I keep’em good and mean."

Her focus turned back to Chakotay. "I will fight, but I’m no martyr... and there is another condition."


"I need a rebel liaison officer," she said. "So I can liaise on a regular basis. Keep the lines of communication open."

"Do you have anyone in mind?" Dax asked drily.

"I think so," Janeway said. "He should know that I will give him rank of First Officer and that he can keep whatever staff he needs as long as he give his word that he will not betray me."

Chakotay smiled. "Such a man would work very hard to be everything required and be all she needed."

"Give her your word," Dax commanded.

"She has it," the Captain replied softly.

"Done. Why don’t you two liaise while I visit Barrows?" Dax said.

"I had to leave or risk violating my vows. They were both driving me crazy. I did, however get what happened from Barrows as a parting gift," Dax said.

I was barely breathing in anticipation at that point.

Janeway tripped the shackles once again. It took an effort for her not to step away. Chakotay considered her with those glittering dark eyes. His gaze had a weight and a heat to it even in this simulation. Then, he reached for her taking her by the hair to pull her body against his. The Mistress suppressed a moan as he buried his nose in her hair. He sucked at the skin along her throat making the Mistress gasp. Then, he pulled back to cover her mouth with his. I was melting. That Janeway was devastated by the first time under that hungry mouth.

Chakotay didn’t wait for her knees to buckle. That Janeway was laid out on the fur on the floor in one fluid movement almost as soon as the kiss began. There was no resistance in her. She was lost in that man. He kissed her for a long time. Sometimes, the kisses were lazy and exploratory. Sometimes, they were demanding. He was learning. As her restlessness grew, he got bolder. She was stripped quickly and preoccupied with his tongue traveling her flesh before she could come to her senses. I wondered anew over the fascination that man had with tasting skin everywhere possible on my body.

Gently, Chakotay parted Janeway’s thighs. He licked her thigh before beginning to gently suck at her clit. I arched my back at the same time she did. Janeway was nearly sobbing under the relentless assault. While she was still reeling, he impaled her. What followed was explosive. He was ferocious and unyielding and she met every thrust. I was envious. Rarely was my Commander that wild and uncontrolled. When he came, it was with a snarl. I don’t know how many times the Mistress came, but she was exhausted and elated. I knew she was surprised at her sudden vulnerability and her frightening acceptance of it.

In the quiet moments afterward, he kissed her in that familiar possessive, tender way. She held him, yielding to it.

"Kathryn," He murmured against her lips. The name was a caress.

"Impertinent," she sighed with a smile. "That was a fine and productive first meeting. We may need another soon for the sake of open communications."

"I’ll be ready, Mistress."

"I see you two are disgustingly sweet in any dimension." Barrows quipped.

"Tell me, Kathryn," Dax’s voice intruded. "How do you get on with your Maquis First Officer? I can’t imagine that kind of chemistry only existing in one place."

"Bitch," I muttered.

Suddenly, we were in Barrows’ presence once more. It was very similar to the conference room. Annika was on all fours with a very red ass quivering from the last paddling.

"Why can’t I see what you’re doing?" A voice called from a corner door.

Dax laughed out loud. "It’s such a pity, Intendent. You’d really love this. Such a well rounded ass all primed for use."

There was a sort of strangled angry cry. Barrows smiled.

"Dear Annika, the longer you press the Mistress, the longer she will ignore you. This really isn’t about your needs," Barrows said sweetly. "Such outrageous demands for her attention will have you in a closet as well. You will know there is pleasure... you will hear the pleasure, but it will be just beyond your reach. Do you want that?"

"No, Mistress," Annika choked.

"You must learn ways of being more pleasing and more perfect in service," Barrows said.

"Yes, Mistress."

"You speak the words very prettily, pet. And you are a vision with that luscious ass and that hungry cunt, but that’s not enough," Barrows said sternly. "You will now practice your skills."

Barrows took out a blindfold and put it on Annika, then pulled her onto her knees by the hair. With a motion of her hand, Mr. Kim let in Paris and about eight other naked crewmen and women. They quietly got in line behind Kim.

"You will satisfy each who presents themselves with enthusiasm and humility," Barrows said. "After which, I’ll decide if you need further correction."

"Yes, Mistress," was all she could say before Kim shoved his cock in her mouth. In short order, Paris had moved to take her from behind.

That was quite a tableau with those beautiful breasts shaking as she sucked one cock and met each thrust of the other. I wondered how many she could take on at once. I wondered if I should accidentally let Tom see this.

Barrows approached Dax. "You can have her next."

"Oh, I’d like to... but I can’t," Dax said. "I have to go soon."

"Whoever is waiting at home is very lucky."

"So am I," Dax said. "It was wonderful to see you, again."

"Thank you, pet," Barrows smiled. "You are welcome any time."

The image remained on Anika servicing Harry and Tom as Dax spoke. "When I got home, I gave my poor husband quite a work out. But I never told him why. I doubt he cared. I hope you are well and happy, Kathryn. Come back to us soon."

"Goodness gracious," Barrows said.


"What are you going to do about this?"

I smiled a wicked smile. "Put things where they are supposed to be."

Seven came to my quarters not long after I returned from the Holodeck. She had another padd in hand, but I wasn’t interested in that at the moment.

"Put the padd on my desk for now, Seven," I said. "I believe you have some questions about the transmissions."

"Yes, Captain. It’s about your relationships with persons on this ship," Seven said.

"I know what you mean. It seems that in at least three dimensions, I’m destined to be tormented by Chakotay," I said with resignation. "But it also means that in a least two dimensions your ass is mine, pet."


"Mistress for now," I said removing my robe. Without further comment, I rounded the table and took Seven by the hair. I compelled her into the bedroom where Mr. Kim was already naked and cuffed on his knees.

"Take your clothes off this instant or go to your chamber with them in shreds," I said. "This situation in the Delta Quadrant has made me far too lenient with you lovelies. You need what I can give. That has been made apparent. Consideration of the difficulties out here will no longer be an issue unless you ask for release. I will not take you back once you’ve asked for that. I am not to be toyed with. I have an individual who will give me all I can handle if you all chose to leave. So stay if you want, but your obedience is mine!"

Seven threw me a withering stare, but she disrobed quickly. I shoved her on the bed and thrust two fingers in her cunt. She was as wet as Harry was hard. It was irritating to realize how much time had been wasted. However, I was quite calm. I applied a leather strap to both of them reddening their butts and thighs to a fine crackling heat. I whipped them until their arms buckled beneath them.

"I feel much better now, don’t you?" I said.

They were sobbing quietly and breathing heavily.

"Don’t you feel better?" I demanded.

"Yes, Mistress," they replied.

I wished for Barrows to help. I wanted more players. The image of Seven’s tits and ass covered in cum distracted me. That would make a paddling really sting. Then again, I didn’t want to share the experience just then. I would have to make do. I chose a large butt plug for Harry which I thoughtfully lubed and inserted. Then I clamped his nipples with devices that had a fine chain connecting them. He was near tears, but remained erect.

"Seven, on the bed spread eagle," I said. My voice was still stern. "Harry, you may fuck her. Seven, let’s see how well you remember oral satisfaction."

As Kim thrust into her wetness, I covered those lush lips with mine. I wouldn’t let Harry kiss me or touch me or touch Seven. I kept a tight hold on the nipple chains with one hand while I smacked Seven’s engorged clit with the other. It had been a long while since I put my slaves through such paces. I enjoyed the mixture of pain and pleasure on Harry’s face as he worked toward orgasm. I reveled in Seven’s quivering and moaning with each smack. She kept her concentration on my clit and met Kim’s thrusts despite her discomfort. Impressive. Thus, we rode. Harry came first. Then Seven. Their tortured ecstasy brought me over.

I removed myself from them immediately.

"Dress yourselves and go," I said. "And be prepared to be summoned."

"Yes, Mistress," they replied. The look in their eyes was quite satisfying -- anger, fear and lust. Most satisfying. Now, I had to acquire my other pets, but that would wait. That had to be planned.

I glanced at the padd on the desk. I smiled again. This one was from Picard. How interesting.

37: Little Words