Too late by
01. Too late
Added: 29/10/2006
Gibbs is back, but does Tony still want him?
02. chapter 2
Added: 03/12/2006
The soft, barely heard click of Tony’s bedroom door was one of the most deafening sounds Gibbs had ever heard. The finality of it struck him like a blow to the stomach.
03. chapter 3
Added: 03/12/2006
Tony appears strong, but even the strong have beaking points
04. chapter 4
Added: 05/12/2006
Abby's part in all of this
05. chapter 5
Added: 05/12/2006
Gibbs thinks about Mexico and... stuff (I suck at summaries)
06. chapter 6
Added: 05/12/2006
Gibbs thinks about he first time he got back, left, and got back again.
07. chapter 7
Added: 07/12/2006
Abby goes to talk to Tony
08. chapter 8
Added: 09/12/2006
who's the visitor at Tony's door?
09. chapter 9
Added: 11/12/2006
Will Tony give Gibbs another chance?
Last chapter.