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01. Introductions, Chapter 1
Added: 06/05/2006
Introductions can change your life. Jethro Gibbs and Jack O'Neill -- can you imagine what happens when two alpha males, such as these, collide?

And what do you think happens when a certain Anthony DiNozzo enters the picture and not only catches Jack's eye but a certain Jaffa warrior's as well?

Hmmm . . .
02. Introductions, Chapter 2
Added: 12/10/2006
Jethro is introduced to the Mighty O'Neill.

03. Introductions, Chapter 3
Added: 12/10/2006
Time for a decision to be made.
04. Introductions, Chapter 4
Added: 12/10/2006
Jethro is rudely awakened to the truth
05. Introductions, Chapter 5
Added: 12/10/2006
Jethro takes a trip to Colorado.
06. Introductions, Chapter 6
Added: 12/10/2006
Jethro is not exactly welcomed with open arms.
07. Introductions, Chapter 7
Added: 12/10/2006
Jack O’Neill was where he was for one reason and one reason only. Surprisingly, he gets a little bit more than he hoped for.
08. Introductions, Chapter 8
Added: 12/10/2006
Fate presents Jethro with a potential problem.
09. Introductions, Chapter 9
Added: 28/03/2007
Grabbing hold of Teal'c's chiseled buns, Tony squeezed hard. It wasn't that he didn't care for his dark-skinned lover but unlike Jack and Jethro, his man had yet to utter those three special words to him.
10. Introductions, Chapter 10
Added: 26/06/2007
Teal'c stood silently, examining the two sleeping men. The sight of his mate and his closest friend provoked feelings of possessiveness and protectiveness. It also incited his jealousy, a trait his wife never appreciated.

Jack O'Neill was his friend, his leader. He owed the man his loyalty, not to mention his life, and would willingly sacrifice the latter if need be. He would honor any request made by O'Neill, any request that did not involve the possession of his chosen mate. Tony was his, and the urge to completely claim the young Tauri's body and soul grew stronger and stronger as time passed.
11. Introductions, Chapter 11
Added: 01/07/2007
Straightening his shoulders, Tony put on his best smile and followed Jethro out the door and down the hall to Autopsy. It was going to be all right. It had to be all right. He couldn't die, not now, not now that his life was absolutely fucking perfect.
12. Introductions, Chapter 12
Added: 29/09/2007
"I'm sorry," Jack forced through clenched teeth.

Gibbs came to a dead stop but didn't turn around. Jack waited a full sixty seconds before touching him on the arm. "Did you hear me? I said I'm sorry."
13. Introductions, Chapter 13
Added: 13/12/2007
The door leading from the outside patio flew open and smacked the adjacent wall hard enough to dislodge one of the framed photos hanging on its surface. Tony ignored the mess he’d created, and with both hands clenched in fists, stomped over to the couch and glared at Jethro. “Did you know?” he demanded. “Did you fucking know the truth and not tell me?”
14. Introductions, Chapter 14
Added: 23/01/2008
Hammond sighed. It was bad enough he was witness to the full disclosure of Jack’s sexuality. Did he really have to know about Teal'c or the fact that both of them were in a relationship with not only each other but two other men as well?
15. Introductions, Chapter 15
Added: 19/04/2008
Frowning with concern, Jack watched as Jethro literally tore his gaze from their young lover. He understood the pain his man was feeling. It was the same pain clawing at his own heart.
16. Introductions -- the Final chapter
Added: 19/04/2008
Jack moved into the embrace offered to him. “Are we making a mistake?” Resting his head on Teal'c’s broad shoulders, he posed another question, “Is Jethro marrying Tony gonna come back and bite us in the butt like that Maybourne thing?”