Well Kept short: Down in the Basement

Author: Mice

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Summary: Doggett shares a little secret with Byers.

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It had been a long and grueling week for both of them. Deadlines on the Lone Gunman had been pressed to the limits, and Byers and the guys had been putting in late hours to try to keep up. Doggett had been out of town on a case until Thursday night, and they hadn't seen each other since before Doggett and Reyes had left town.


Byers knew something was up, as his Dom had kept him away from the house since his return. Though they were both tired, he'd agreed eagerly when Doggett invited him to come for the night. It had been two weeks, he thought, since they'd played and even longer since they'd shared a bed. He'd missed it, and hoped Doggett had as well.


Byers handed his Dom a bottle of Merlot when the door opened. "For you, Sir," he said quietly.


"I like a sub who's on time." Doggett smiled and took it from him as he shut the door, setting it on a table nearby, then took Byers in his arms and kissed him softly. It threatened to melt Byers' knees, and he returned the embrace happily until his Dom stepped back.


"You look good, little cub," Doggett said, his voice soft as his kiss. He traced a finger along the collar of Byers' shirt and touched the knot of his tie. "Then again, you always do." Another gentle kiss, this one without the embrace, and Byers sighed quietly into it, closing his eyes. It was going to be a good night. When their kiss ended, Doggett picked up the bottle and gestured toward the dining room. "Dinner's almost ready. Looks like the wine you brought'll go well with it."


Byers took a deep sniff and smiled. "Smells like beef stroganoff."


Doggett grinned and nodded. "Was in the mood for some comfort food tonight. Set the table, boy. I think we both need some downtime before we play, and I don't know about you, but I'm starvin'."


"Of course, Sir." Byers followed Doggett into the kitchen and gathered plates, silverware, clear crystal wineglasses, and napkins for the table, then laid them out on the tablecloth Doggett had chosen. The colors were dark and elegant, burgundies and black plates. Candlesticks matched the black plates, with deep red candles set in them. He lit them, and dimmed the lights enough to appreciate the flickering flames. With a pleased smile, he returned to the kitchen.


It was warm and comfortable there, the wine open on a counter, and Doggett was pulling the dish out of the oven. He set it carefully on the stove top, then checked the pasta. "Mmm," he mumbled, checking for the proper texture, "just right. Check the green beans, John."


Byers nodded and peeked into the steaming pot. He poked one emerald bean with a fork and blew on it as he brought it to his lips. A quick nibble on the end and he smiled. "Done." He popped the rest of the bean in his mouth, savoring the crunch.


"Okay, put those in a serving dish, then take them and the salad out to the table. Get the wine when you're done with that."


Byers did as he was told, then returned to the kitchen in time to carry the pasta and serving implements to the dining room. Doggett followed him closely, carrying the main dish in mitted hands. Once everything was prepared and the wine poured, Byers stood by Doggett's chair, sliding it in for him as he sat.


"Very good," Doggett said, and he smiled at Byers. "Kneel for me."


"Yes, Sir." Byers knelt next to Doggett's chair, head bowed.


His Dom's hand brushed slowly through his hair, sending a quiet rush of satisfaction and excitement through him. The fingers gently traced his hairline, moving down the ridge of his ear, then following the curve of his jaw. A slight pressure brought his face up and he gazed at his Dom.


Doggett's eyes glittered, their light blue intense in the candlelight. His look was a caress; one Byers craved. He settled his cheek against his Dom's palm and waited. A thumb whispered over his lips, and he kissed it softly. Doggett nodded, a pleased look on his face.


"Missed you, little cub," he whispered. "It's been too long."


Byers closed his eyes, feeling himself blush but savoring the words. "I missed you, too, Sir." He enjoyed this part of the game; the give and take, the way he could lose himself in his service, make his Dom happy. His satisfaction with his role was more than sexual, more than Doggett's 'tab a' into his 'slot b.' There was an emotional pleasure in it as well, which ran just as deep and in some ways felt even more important. This, more than the sexual part of their game, made him feel wanted and needed. It was something he'd craved for a long time.


It was easy to let Doggett take command of his body. Possession of his heart was much harder, but that didn't dampen his enjoyment or his pleasure in the game. Trust -- true trust -- might come, in time. He just had to find a way to let himself experience it.


Doggett's lips meeting his ended his reverie. "Sweet," Doggett breathed as his lips moved over Byers'. "Open to me."


Byers obeyed, his mouth taken gently but deeply, surrendering to his Dom's tongue and the strength of Doggett's hands on each side of his face. His heart raced, breath quickening, but he resisted moving, as he hadn't been given permission to touch or embrace.


"God, Johnny." Byers opened his eyes, and there was tenderness and arousal in Doggett's face.


"May I touch you, Sir?"


Doggett nodded and opened his arms. Byers slid his hands over his Dom's chest, moving slowly into an embrace to rest his head there, listening to Doggett's heartbeat. He took a long, deep breath and released it slowly, relaxing into the comforting arms. He could feel Doggett's lips in his hair, warm breath caressing him as he was kissed.


"Mmmm." Doggett's arms tightened for a moment, then slowly eased away. "Come serve dinner, then sit with me."


Byers did, and they talked for a while as they ate, catching up on the past week or so. Byers told Doggett about their latest stories, and how they had finally found Krycek and were keeping tabs on him. "He's been laying low recently," he said. "We haven't seen anything more suspicious than usual -- at least for him. No movement so far on the photos he sent us. I have no idea when he plans to use them."


Doggett's brow wrinkled and he nodded. "Or if he just intended to freak us out. Stay as far away from him as you can, John. He worries me. I don't want him seeing you as any more of a problem than he already does; I don't want you hurt."


"Definitely not our intention," Byers said, taking a sip of his wine.


"Have you seen him with any of the known SuperSoldiers?"


"No, not since we located him. But we don't have a complete roster, either."


"Just remember, I prefer your ass in one piece." Doggett grinned at him. Byers just blushed and smiled in return. "You heard from Sergio this week?"


Byers had been corresponding with Brentali since their return from New York. The Italian had been intrigued and attracted by him, and that attraction had been mutual. "Thursday night."


Doggett waited expectantly, eating as he watched Byers. Byers remained silent, focused on his dinner, but he could feel his Dom watching him. "Well?"


Byers looked up. Talking about Brentali's emails was difficult for him. They usually included more than just getting-to-know-you idle chat. The last several, in fact, had included some fairly graphic fantasies. While Doggett had encouraged him to write to Brentali, he also wanted to know about any sexual aspects of the correspondence.


"You're not talkin'."


Byers cleared his throat and shifted in his seat. "He was talking about... training, Sir. And collars."


Doggett smiled and nodded. "I suspect he figures you'd look good in one."


"Yes, Sir," he said quietly.


"Details, boy."


He wasn't sure why this made him nervous, unless it was just his shyness. Brentali had seen him at the club, partly clothed -- had touched him, driven him into a deep sensual trance. It wasn't picturing himself with Brentali that bothered him. It was talking about it, really. He was too much his father's son sometimes, overly concerned with propriety.


"He talked about stripping me, Sir. About exactly how he wanted to take my clothes off. The Maestro said he wanted to teach me the proper ways of moving; of standing, sitting, of... of kneeling before him, exposing myself to his view and his touch."


"Hmmm. Sounds good to me. I haven't been doing enough of that with you. We'll have to work on it." Doggett's attention focused back on his dinner, gesturing with his fork. "Go on."


"He said he... wished to teach me to respond to his commands, without hesitation and with grace." Doggett nodded and sipped his wine. Byers felt his face going warm, and tried not to blush as he continued. "The Maestro said that if you approved, he would like to have me come and serve him."


"I think you're doing fairly well with the intent and dedication of your service, little cub, but we'll have to talk about a visit to see Sergio later."


"Thank you, Sir." Byers allowed himself a small smile, feeling warm inside. "The Maestro said that as a sub becomes more accustomed to the set positions of display and the act of obedience, the grace begins to come naturally."


"That's true," Doggett said. "What else?"


"He... he talked about the sub's desire to please, and the Dom's desire to receive the sub's service; how they're inextricably linked. One can't exist without the other. The Maestro said that the ultimate expression of the sub's gift to his Dom is wearing his collar, and that it must be properly understood before it can be earned. To offer his collar to the sub is a Dom's ultimate compliment."


"That's true too, in a lot of cases." Doggett's voice was quiet and his eyes held Byers'. "It can signify more than just the Dom/sub relationship, though. You understand that for some guys, to offer and accept a collar signifies a commitment."


Byers thought about that for a moment. It made sense. Wearing a collar for a scene, which he'd never done but had heard Langly talk about, seemed very different than this. "Yes, Sir. It seems there are different ways to approach it."


"Wearing a collar doesn't necessarily mean a sub is a slave, either."


"What's the difference?"


Doggett's face shifted, his expression more serious. "A slave doesn't have safewords. A sub does. Subs have choices, where slaves don't. For some guys, collaring their sub is like getting married, and they take it real seriously -- it's not necessarily monogamy, but it's a long-term thing. Others, they treat having a slave as a license to abuse the bottom, but it's not. You really gotta be careful about that, if you ever have thoughts or fantasies about Master/slave games, Johnny. Know and understand the differences, and the guy you want as your Master."


He sipped at his wine before he replied. "I think I still have a lot to learn, Sir."


"You do, little cub, but that's okay. This stuff comes with time." Doggett's voice was terribly gentle and there was a look of longing in his eyes. He reached across the table and caressed Byers' cheek. "I'm here to teach you. This is one of the reasons I want to know what you and Sergio talk about." He drew his hand back and continued eating.


Byers sighed, a bare breath. Talking about these things might be difficult, but unless he learned to do it, he wasn't going to be able to understand what it was he wanted, or how to ask for it properly. "The way you make me kneel in front of you, Sir," he said, quietly, "the way I hold my hands behind my back and spread my knees to show you my body -- I love that."


Doggett gave him a thoughtful look. "How does it make you feel?"


He was silent for a few moments, searching for words. "Wanton," he said carefully. "Desirable. Exposed. Wanted. I... like I'm your slut, Sir; like I'm on display for you." He took another breath as his pulse began to race. "Like I'm yours, to do with as you please."


"You are, little cub. All those things." There was a light in Doggett's eyes, and Byers felt naked before his Dom. "That's why Sergio talks about wanting to teach you those things. There are other ways that a sub holds himself for his Dom -- for display, for discipline, for being touched or fucked. Any or all of them might make you feel that way. You'll discover how each one feels as I instruct you. I might order you to take different positions so I can show you off, to claim you as mine, or offer you to someone else, as well."


Someone else -- offer him to someone else? Byers remembered the club, the men watching as his Dom and Brentali had touched him and driven him to pleasure. His pulse bolted and he couldn't keep his breathing even. The thought of being claimed by Doggett in front of other men, of being offered to Brentali -- the desire was overwhelming.


"I see that excites you."


Byers nodded, closing his eyes. He wasn't hungry any longer -- not for food. "You sound almost like The Maestro."


"I learned from the best." Doggett chuckled. "C'mere, boy. Kneel by me."


Byers looked up as Doggett gestured to him. "Yes, Sir." He rose and went to his Dom. He knelt as he'd been taught, eyes lowered, panting slightly. He waited. Doggett's fingers raised his chin.


"Look at me, little cub." He looked into Doggett's eyes. "You are so hot," Doggett whispered. He ran a hand through Byers' hair, long fingers stroking gently. "So eager."


"Thank you, Sir." Byers closed his eyes to savor the touch.


"What is it that excites you the most about our talk?"


Byers swallowed. "I'm... not sure, Sir. It's hard to isolate one thing."


"Talk to me. Tell me what you think, what you're feeling." Doggett's fingertips ghosted over Byers' lips. He could feel his body responding to his Dom's touch, the need pulsing in him. Doggett's voice went soft, becoming a low, sensual growl. "Tell me what you need."


"I need... to be..." What? Controlled? Disciplined? Desired? "Show me, Sir. Teach me. I need to learn how to serve you best, how to please you. Everything I feel, it's so complicated. I want --" He could barely speak, unable to contain the tremor in his voice. "I want you to show me to other men, to offer me to them, like you offered me to The Maestro, but I want to be yours, Sir."


"Thinking of Sergio always seems to excite you."


"Yes, Sir," he whispered.


"Remembering how you felt that night at the club; you got all hot when the other guys there were coming because of you, when Sergio and I were playing with you in front of them."


Byers nodded, eyes closed tight. "Yes, Sir."


"When I teach you how to present yourself like Sergio says, in front of other guys to be inspected, or touched, or fucked, you know they'll be hot for you. They'll want me to share you. They'll want me to let them fuck you or make you suck their dicks. They'll want to bend you over and touch you, stroke you, slide their fingers in that gorgeous, tight ass of yours." Doggett's voice was rough with arousal and Byers opened his eyes. The look on his Dom's face was pure lust and desire. "When you spread your legs and open your cheeks for them, with your balls dangling down, they're gonna be so hard for you."


Byers' cock was throbbing now, tenting his pants. He whimpered softly, unmoving, fingers tightening on his wrists behind his back. He wished for rope, wished they were bound.


"So beautiful," Doggett whispered, slipping his thumb between Byers' lips. Byers sucked gently, wrapping his tongue around it, and Doggett groaned. "Oh, yeah, want to fuck your mouth."


Byers made a soft sound of agreement, humming his willingness. He wanted to taste his Dom, to know the flavor of his flesh, the bitter salt touch of the man's come. With effort, he opened his eyes to gaze into Doggett's. His Dom's eyes were crystal blue, the pupils dilated wide and dark. Byers could lose himself in those depths if he only let go.


With a deep sigh, Doggett pulled his thumb away. "Not right now." He smiled. "I've got a surprise for you. Somethin' special. Wanted to show you before but I haven't really had time to deal with it, and it wasn't set up again until recently. This seems like an ideal time for it."


Byers tilted his head, curious despite the depth of his arousal. "Deal with what?"


"Get up." Doggett rose and Byers did the same. Byers could see his Dom was as much aroused as he was. Doggett led him through the kitchen and opened his basement door.


"Down here." There was barely concealed excitement under the need in Doggett's voice. He tugged on Byers' hand, leading him down.


As they got to the foot of the stairs Doggett said, "Close your eyes, Johnny."


Byers did, and Doggett led him through a door into a carpeted room. He could feel the difference under his feet, and the sound of his shoes was muffled. They stood just inside the doorway.


"Open your eyes," Doggett whispered, next to his ear. Byers could feel his warm breath tickling.


He opened his eyes. He couldn't help a short gasp.


The small room before him was decked out as a dungeon. The carpeting and walls were black. There was a St. Andrew's cross against one wall, secured to it. Over to one side was a small bed with attachment points for ropes or clips. A cabinet was against another wall, with a spanking horse next to it. There were small tables along the walls, with clusters of candles set out on them.


"Take off your shoes, little cub. Set 'em down there, next to the door." He pointed to a place with a square of red carpet. "Whenever you enter this room, you'll remove your shoes and put them there."


"Yes, Sir." Byers untied them and pulled them from his feet, then placed them on the red carpet as he'd been instructed. His heart was beating fast, and he could feel a flush rising into his face. He wanted this, wanted all of it. He could hardly believe how his fantasies were blossoming, ripe with possibility.


Doggett put a hand on his shoulder and guided him to the cabinet. "This is where I keep the toys." He opened the cabinet. There was a small collection of hanging floggers, whips, canes, crops, and other impact toys in the upper part. Drawers were below.


Doggett opened each one to show him what was in them. Condoms, lube, batteries, vibes, dildos and anal plugs occupied one drawer, along with clothespins, nipple clips and clamps, chain, and other metal objects. Another held cuffs, parts of harnesses, other leather goods, and wrapped lengths of rope. A third had fur pieces, bits of sandpaper, strange and inexplicably shaped objects, and other textured things for sensation play. The bottom drawer had sheets and blankets for the small bed, and towels. On the shelf atop the drawers was a small box, which Doggett picked up and handed to Byers.


"Light the candles, boy, and turn off the lights."


"Yes, Sir." Byers nodded and opened the box. He took out a small box of matches and set the larger box down, then walked around the room, lighting the thick, red pillar candles. The room was cast into a gentle darkness, fed by the flickering light. It was perfect. Everything about it was perfect. He wondered where Doggett had found everything.


Byers deposited the spent matches in a small ashtray on the shelf next to the box. He wondered how long Doggett had been accumulating the toy collection. It impressed him, but he knew he hadn't seen much before. Doggett handed him a black sheet.


"Come to the center of the room, little cub," Doggett told him, leading him there.


Byers spoke again, trembling with anticipation. "Yes, Sir." He moved to the center of the room and stood, awaiting further instructions. He hoped Doggett would bind him to the cross. He'd been aroused by the idea back in New York, and the thought of his fantasy so close sent his pulse racing. His already hard cock was leaking just thinking about it.


He wondered what it would be like: stretched out, bound. Vulnerable. Wondered what Doggett's big, warm hands would feel like, what his Dom would do to him. He could imagine all kinds of terrifying, wonderful things.


It was several minutes before Doggett said anything. He simply stood watching Byers with an odd look in his eyes, half buried under arousal and desire. "Strip for me. Put your clothes on the table next to the cabinet."


Byers nodded. "Yes, Sir." It wasn't long before he was naked before his Dom, the clothes folded and laid on the table as he'd been instructed. He could feel Doggett's gaze on him, moving over him like fingers, making him shiver with want.


"Spread the sheet on the floor and stand in the center of it."


"Yes, Sir."


"When we're here, in this room," Doggett said softly, his voice rough as gravel, "you're mine. Your body is mine, for my pleasure. You'll do as I desire. You'll obey me and follow my orders. If you disobey, you'll be punished. If you're good, you'll be rewarded, and I promise you, you'll enjoy the rewards. You will use your safe words if you need to, and you'll tell me if anything hurts, and how."


"Yes, Sir." Byers closed his eyes, cock throbbing, rising stiff before him now that it was free from his pants. His heart beat faster, breath catching. He wanted this, wanted it so badly.


"Tonight, boy," Doggett said, "I'll teach you about surrender and control."


Byers nodded eagerly, knowing it would be good. "Yes Sir," he said softly.


"The first position you will assume is a position for inspection." Doggett nodded as Byers straightened in anticipation. "Spread your feet so they're about shoulder width apart." Byers moved as smoothly as he could to comply, lowering his face. "No," Doggett said. "Eyes ahead."


Byers raised his head, fixing his eyes on the wall before him.


"Hands behind your head, elbows out. You're showing your body to me and to any others I offer you to."


"Yes Sir," Byers said, excitement rising. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his Dom pick up a rattan cane. The cool, varnished strip touched him gently beneath his chin, correcting his position.


"Tuck your ass in and tighten your tummy, boy," Doggett said, tapping Byers' cheeks sharply, then patting his abdomen with the cane. Byers hissed slightly at the bite of the rattan, his shaft slightly as he corrected his posture. "I see you like this, little cub."


"Yes Sir," Byers whispered. The cool, slick length of the narrow cane caressed his cock and teased at his balls, making him even harder.


"I know what a little slut you are, Johnny. You can't wait for the first time I show you off to someone like this, can you?" Doggett's voice deepened with his arousal, growing rougher. He slapped Byers' cock with the cane, stinging slightly.


"Ah!" Byers gasped and nodded. "Yes Sir, absolutely Sir." He took a quick breath, trying to focus on holding the position. Doggett ran the tip of the cane up his abdomen, across his chest, and tickled it under his arm, tracing it around his shoulder and back to his chin. Byers trembled at the moving sensation. His cock jumped as his Dom leaned in and bit one nipple and he yelped, jumping at the sharp pain.


"Ah ah, boy." Doggett's voice was hot and intense, and his fingers pinched Byers' other nipple. "Be still."


Byers gasped. "Yes Sir. Still, Sir." His cock was leaking with his arousal, hard and throbbing. He forced himself to stay still, trying not to tremble. It was hard to keep that much control over his muscles when he was so aroused.


"Your back should be straight, boy," Doggett said, slipping the tip of the cane down his spine. Byers shifted his posture, straightening his neck, eyes ahead.


"Yes Sir."


A moment later, Doggett's breath was at his ear. "You'd let another man fuck you if I told you to, wouldn't you?"


Byers swallowed, cock throbbing. "Yes Sir," he whispered. "Anything you desire, Sir."


"Very good, little cub. An excellent answer." One warm hand cupped the curve of Byers' ass and he sighed, pleased with the touch. The slap that followed made him gasp and grit his teeth, but he didn't move any more than the force of the swat made his body sway.


The heat of Doggett's breath sent shivers down his spine as the words moved in his ear. "You're a sweet little whore, Johnny. How many men would you like to have fucking that tight hole of yours? You think you could take it from two? From three? Maybe four or five the same night?"


Byers moaned and closed his eyes. The idea was terrifying, but he nearly came from his excitement at the thought. "Oh god," he groaned. "Please, Sir." He felt Doggett's teeth on his neck and moaned again, savoring the pressure and the sharpness of them. He wondered if his Dom was marking him.


"Maybe four or five at the same time," Doggett hissed, "one right after the other, pounding into you like the fuckslut you are. One in your mouth, one in your ass, make you jerk one off in each hand, how would you like that."


Byers just whimpered, hard as granite, his legs trembling. Doggett put a hand on his neck and pushed gently. "When I display your hole, you stand like this, your back straight, bent at the hips." He dipped Byers until his chest was parallel to the floor. "That way I can spread you open and see that tight little bud of yours."


Byers was panting now, strings of pre-come leaking from his cock, running down the length of his shaft. His Dom started raining light, quick blows on his ass with the cane. They stung slightly, making him desperate for a hard, deep fuck. "Please Sir," he begged, "please, fuck me."


"Oh no, boy. You're on display at the moment. But I don't mind imagining you bent over like this with Sergio ramming his cock into your ass."


Byers bit his lip and groaned. "Oh, god, yes." He could feel Doggett move around him, almost preternaturally aware of the heat of his Dom's body a few inches away. "Open your eyes, slut."


When he did, Doggett stood before him. "Kiss my shaft, boy." He was still entirely clothed, but Byers obeyed, pressing his lips to the tight bulge in his Dom's pants. "Good slut."


Doggett's hand caressed Byers' now tingling cheeks. The cane had left him sensitive, his flesh hot and ready. The gentle touch was cool and his Dom's large hand squeezed, tugging at one cheek. He kept nuzzling Doggett's cock as his Dom put the cane on the nearby table. A moment later, his other hand was on Byers' ass, spreading his cheeks open. Byers gasped.


"Oh yeah, I can see you like that, don't you, little cub?"


A finger traced the cleft between his cheeks as Byers gasped. "Yes Sir. Please, Sir." Doggett moved behind him again, still touching and massaging his ass. Byers' shoulders were starting to grow heavy and ache from holding his elbows out like this. "May I move my arms, Sir?"


"No, boy. Not yet. I'll let you move soon. For now, you hold this position." Big hands held his cheeks apart, and Doggett blew on Byers' anus. Byers shivered, his body trembling. One finger circled his hole, slow and deliberate, and Byers gasped, pushing back against it.


The movement earned him a hard slap across one cheek. It tore through him like fire. "You don't have my permission to move, slut."


"I'm sorry, Sir," Byers gasped, his cock leaping at the sensation.


Doggett's tongue replaced the finger, hot and wet, and Byers whimpered, desperately trying to maintain his position. He was close to orgasm now, his balls tightening. Doggett's hand closed around them, squeezing gently and pulling down, relieving some of the urgency. He was utterly unprepared when Doggett slipped a finger into him.


"Oh, god!" The finger slipped in deeper, until he could feel his Dom's knuckles against his flesh. Byers panted, trying to maintain control, knowing he hadn't been given permission to come. "Oh my god, please Sir, please--" He wasn't even sure what he was pleading for. All he knew was that he wanted more of this, that he loved how Doggett handled him.


Doggett twisted his finger inside Byers and Byers howled, unable to contain himself any longer. "Good boy," Doggett said, his voice rough and harsh. "Let it out. Let me hear you."


Legs and arms trembling fiercely, Byers cried out again and again as Doggett fucked him with one finger. It wasn't enough. Byers wanted, needed Doggett's thick, heavy cock inside him. "Oh god, please, fuck me Sir!"


"Not yet, little whore. I'm not ready to take you." Doggett was panting as his finger moved inside Byers, twisting against his prostate and making him mad with need and desire. "I'm just thinking about watching you being fucked over and over by Sergio and a few of his subs. I'd love to see him order them to fuck you until you screamed."


Byers shouted again, on the edge, and Doggett pulled his finger out. "No!" Byers yelped.


"You serve me, boy. You please me, not the other way around." Doggett's hand steadied Byers as his legs shook. He was barely able to stand now. His feet were wet with the pre-come he'd been leaking the whole time Doggett fingerfucked him. He stood there, bent over, panting hard. "You may stand and move your arms now," Doggett said.


With a relieved groan, Byers stood carefully and gently let his arms drop to his sides. They ached, but not too badly. His chest heaved as he caught his breath.


Once Byers' legs were steady, Doggett pointed at the sheet. "Put that in the laundry basket." He gestured to the small basket between the spanking horse and the toy cabinet.


"Yes, Sir." He did as he was told, moving carefully. He was still trembling slightly, unsure if he'd be able to take much more.


"Go into the basement bathroom and bring a pitcher of water in here. Bring two cups."


Byers looked toward the door. "Yes, Sir," he replied, and padded quietly into the hall. The bathroom was the next door down, and he found a pitcher and a small stack of cups on a shelf. He filled the pitcher and brought two cups back with him when he returned.


"Very good," Doggett said. "Set them on the table next to your clothes." He'd pulled twisted coils of rope out of the drawer, and set them down near the cross, along with a few other items that Byers couldn't quite distinguish amid the ropes.


Byers did so, heart pounding. "Yes, Sir." His erection had eased some, but he was still achingly hard.


"Now pour two cups of water. Bring me one and I want you to drink the other. The whole thing."


He handed a cup to Doggett and drank the water, suddenly realizing how dry his mouth was, and how thirsty he'd become. He was grateful for the drink. "Thank you, Sir."


"Put your cup on the table."


Byers did then stood silent with his hands clasped behind his back.


Doggett sipped at his own water, then set the cup down. "Over to the cross." He gestured with one hand.


Byers looked at him, heart skipping a beat. He grinned. Yes! Finally, he'd know what it felt like, live that fantasy, or at least whatever part of it his Dom chose to enact. He walked to the cross, stroking one of its arms with one hand.


"I see you like that idea," Doggett said. Byers nodded. "Thought you would." Doggett came close and laid a large towel down at the foot of the cross. He examined several of the rope bundles, then twisted one open. "Give me your wrist."


Byers held out one arm and watched while Doggett bound it, leaving a doubled length of rope dangling. It was softer than Byers had expected, the feel of it slipping slowly over his skin arousing him further. He hadn't thought that would be possible. It was a subtly erotic feeling.


"Now the other one."


Byers held his other hand out, staring at the rope on his bound wrist. He looked up at the large rings on each arm of the cross, and the line of eye bolts down each side. He could almost feel it against his body already as Doggett knotted the second rope on his other wrist.


"Foot," Doggett said, kneeling down. Byers raised a foot, and his Dom bound one ankle, then the other, leaving rope dangling from each limb.


Though he was completely nude, the feel of the ropes left him warm, flushed with excitement. He'd been tied a few times before, but the rope had been rough. It had been good, but nothing like this; not like the soft stuff Doggett bound him with. He ran his fingers along the rope that bound one wrist. His cock, still hard and aching, twitched between his legs.


"Oh, you like that, don't you boy?" Doggett grinned and looked up, his face level with Byers' crotch.


Byers nodded, and hissed a pleased sound when Doggett kissed the head of his shaft. "Oh God, yes, Sir."


"Are you a rope slut, Johnny? You like to be tied? Like the feel of rope on your skin?" Doggett took one of the doubled ends of rope and raised it, letting it slip gently along Byers' hip.




He pulled it slowly along Byers's abdomen, letting the rope slide over his hardening cock. "There'll be more in a few minutes."


Byers grinned and shivered in delight. He reached out with one hand, leaning against the cross, eyes closed, letting himself savor the maddening sensation.


Doggett took him by the shoulders and pushed him against the cross, face first. Byers' body touched the wood and leather and he gasped softly. There was a tug on his wrist as one arm was lifted, and a moment later it was secured to the ring above his hand. He looked up, pleased and excited, vibrating with need.


His other wrist was bound to the ring opposite, arms spread above him. His ankles were next. He tugged at the rope, but there was little room for movement. Doggett's hand was at the small of his back then a rope was wrapped around his waist. Byers watched as Doggett tied him securely to the eye rings at the juncture of the cross, then slipped the rope between his thighs and wrapped them several times, lifting him slightly, separating his cheeks. Byers moaned at the feel of it. The rope was tight but not painful on the sensitive skin of his inner thighs, pressing against either side of his sac.


With a deft motion, Doggett slipped each end through an eye ring, pulling his cheeks open a little more. "You look sweet like that," he said, his voice close in Byers' ear. "So tempting." He tied the rope ends to different eye rings, leaving Byers securely bound.


Byers shivered at the soft breath, a chill running down one side of his spine. This was good. It felt so right.


"I could fuck you right here, just like this," Doggett said, intense. His hands found Byers' cheeks and caressed, separating them further.


"Yes..." Byers' eyes closed and he gave himself to the feeling. Warm fingers traced the curves and lines of his body, playing along the rope, slipping over his ribs. He drew a hissing breath. The hands moved to his shoulders, followed by Doggett's hot breath. A moment later, Doggett's mouth was on his neck, nibbling its way down his shoulder. "Ohhh." Byers tilted his head to give his Dom more access.


"So good," Doggett whispered, kissing Byers' throat. His hands slipped down the front of Byers' hips, moving tantalizingly close to his aching cock.


Byers moaned, struggling against the ropes that bound him. He wanted to press back, find Doggett's body and sink onto it.


"Oh yeah, Johnny, that's it. Fight it. Struggle for me. I love it when you fight it like that." Doggett's voice shook with excitement, close in Byers' ear. He leaned forward, rubbing his body against Byers' back, one hand on his ass, kneading.


"Please..." It was more a whimper than a word. Byers struggled more, his excitement rising with his Dom's. He could feel the heat in Doggett's body, feel his Dom's hardness inside his pants. He wanted it, wanted Doggett naked against him, though the brush of the clothing on his skin was maddeningly sensual. He moaned again, breath and heartbeat quickening.


Doggett backed away from his body and Byers whimpered, but his hands -- God those hands. Short, blunt nails trailed along Byers' back from shoulders to waist, leaving him tingling. He moaned, wanted to feel just like that forever. He could feel gooseflesh forming where those fingers moved and moved again.


They scratched in long, slow strokes, over and over. He fought with the ropes that bound him, trying to lean back into it, trying to shudder away. He gasped and groaned, too tightly tied to move more than a little, and that little only rubbed his skin across leather and polished wood.


"Mine," Doggett whispered, husky and low. "You'd love to be taken right here, just like this, wouldn't you? Love my rod slidin' into your ass between these ropes, love the rope and the wood on your skin."


Hot breath. It was tickling his neck and in his ear, sending shudders down his spine. His shaft throbbed as his body slowly overloaded with sensation. The scratches, the breath, the rope, the smooth wood and leather -- it was a mudra of sensuality, his body a mandala of helpless pleasure. His groans were wordless prayers for ecstasy.


The moment was holy, and Doggett the priest of this Tantric rite, using Byers' body as the instrument of invocation. Hot tongue, rough, moving fingers, bare shaft on Byers' ass; it was unbearable, yet Byers, moaning, prayed for more.


"Ohhhhh..." He panted helplessly for breath as Doggett's fingers kept moving, scratching.


"Mmmm, yes," Doggett muttered as Byers writhed, "so hot. So perfect."


A bite at the nape of Byers' neck dragged a moan from his lips. "Master..." The word fell without thought, like rain.


"Love to hear you say that," Doggett groaned, taking Byers' wrists tight. He shoved his hips against Byers' ass with all his weight, pressing his bare, burning rod between Byers' cheeks without taking him. "Want it, want you."


Byers' cock was hard now, throbbing. As he writhed, the head of it bumped against the padded leather that covered the juncture of the cross. He tried to thrust against it, but the motion was too difficult with his hips bound as they were. The rope on either side of his balls rubbed, soft but insistent, driving him mad with the sensation. He howled. It was too much. It wasn't enough.


Doggett's hand slipped between his legs, fingertips stroking Byers' balls, and the howl faded to helpless whimpering. "You're mine, little cub. I'll take you, make you beg for me."


"Unnnh, God, fu..." If his lips would only work, he'd beg like a dog. He struggled more, a supplication to the priest of his pleasure. He felt light, like he was flying -- almost dizzy; he fell hard into his submissive space. Where the previous game had been about obedience and willing submission, this was about helplessness and vulnerability; proof of Doggett's power over him. This place, this oasis of erotic sensation, it was the reward for their game. He wished his Dom's cock was in his mouth. He wanted to suck more than he wanted to breathe.


"Su-suck," he gasped.


Doggett chuckled. It was a dangerous sound. A finger slipped into his mouth. He closed his eyes and suckled at it desperately.




"Oh, yeah." Just a whisper, Doggett's breath slipped into his ear with as much sensual force as a cock in his ass.


Byers groaned, and Doggett took his earlobe between his teeth and nipped softly. Byers kept sucking, eyes closed tight, moaning as he savored the sensations. Another finger joined the first in his mouth, and he licked and caressed them with his tongue, sucking more deeply. Not enough -- never enough, but it would do for now.


Doggett's teeth slipped down the tendons of Byers' neck, sharp but moving softly. He sucked at Byers' shoulder, his breath quick and hot. "Tell me what you want, boy." Doggett's free hand slid around him, moving up his side to his chest, trailing his nails along Byers' already sensitive skin.


Byers shuddered and sucked harder, need roiling in his belly and spreading through his body like ripples. "Mmmmm." He wanted more touch, more heat, wanted Doggett to bite harder, but he didn't want to let go of the fingers in his mouth. The taste of Doggett's skin as the fingers moved on his tongue left him weak with desire.


Doggett's fingers slipped from his mouth. "Tell me."


"More," Byers whispered. "Please, just --"


A sharp pinch as Doggett pulled at his nipples and Byers groaned, loud. "Yesss..." His head dropped back onto Doggett's shoulder and one hand scratched its way up his chest to his throat. Byers took a deep breath as Doggett palmed his face, turning it toward him. He opened his eyes.


Doggett's eyes were half-closed, flickering in the candlelight. His face was so close. "I know you want this. I know how hot you were when you saw that sub on the cross at the club, boy. Is this your fantasy, Johnny? To be bound here like this and flogged?"


Byers' heart slammed against his ribs as though struggling to get out. Before he could answer, Doggett's mouth covered his, tongue pushing in roughly. He surrendered to it, rumbling a moan deep in his chest as he gave everything to the kiss. He worshipped the man with his mouth, offering all he had. Doggett held him in a hard, tight embrace, weight bearing him into the cross while his Dom pulled his breath from him. For a moment, he was too far gone to breathe; everything in him was centered on Doggett's tongue, his thin, demanding lips, the press of Doggett's body against his own.


When Doggett broke the kiss, all Byers could do was gasp for breath, devastated. Doggett's body moved against his, still clothed, but Byers could feel the bare, velvet skin of Doggett's burning shaft against his ass. He could feel the cooling slick of liquid leaking onto him, smeared by their motion.


"Johnny." Doggett's own voice was a quiet gasp. When Doggett took Byers' cock in his hand, Byers nearly came. His fingers dug at the wood of the cross.


"Not yet, boy. Don't come yet." Doggett rubbed his shaft in the cleft between Byers' cheeks, both of them groaning. "Not until I tell you. God, I wanna fuck you."


Byers cried out, barely in control of himself. "Sir," he gasped. "Master."


"Yes." It was a growl, and Doggett squeezed Byers' cock hard. "You're mine, Johnny." He bit down on Byers' shoulder and sucked.


Byers moaned again, and tried to buck into Doggett's hand, but he was bound too tightly to move enough to give himself any relief. He felt Doggett panting, chest heaving as he bit the back of Byers' neck. God, it was too much. "F-fuck me..." He sucked in another breath. "Sir, pl--"


Doggett stroked his cock twice, hard and slow then let go. Byers whimpered and slumped into the cross.


"Unnnngh..." The sensation overwhelmed him.


"I'll take you when I'm ready." Doggett's breath was harsh, his voice unsteady. What little of Byers' brain was still working knew that his Dom was just as desperate and needy as he was. The power they played with flowed both ways; the intense sensuality of it drew them both, though each of them expressed it differently. He knew his own surrender aroused his Dom as much as Doggett's power and authority left Byers on the edge of ecstasy.


It was perfect.


His hands clenched at the ropes that bound his wrists above his head. Their texture in his palms gave him something to anchor him as Doggett controlled his arousal mercilessly.


Doggett moved away from him, leaving his body untouched. Byers gasped and struggled against the bereft feeling, but it was only a moment before his Dom wrapped around his body again. This time, Doggett's hands found his chest, scratching and stroking. He sighed at the renewed contact, wishing he could move but savoring his helpless immobility.


When the nipple clips tightened on his hard nubs, it sent a sensual shock through his body and he cried out. Doggett chuckled and tugged at the chain that joined them. Byers held back as hard as he could, willing himself not to come. It was like trying to resist a tsunami. He could feel his cock leaking, twitching.


"Not so hard," Doggett said, tapping on Byers' lips with a finger. "You're gonna hurt yourself, bite right through."


He hadn't even noticed his teeth clenching on his lower lip. There was a sore spot where one tooth had dug in, and the bright taste of copper on his tongue. With a gasp, he opened his mouth, and Doggett slipped two fingers back in.


"Mmmmmm." Byers growled and clamped down on Doggett's fingers, all mouth and tongue, sucking hard.


"Want you." It was more of a snarl than anything else. He could hear Doggett losing his own control, but in his lust-colored haze, it barely registered. There was only heat and want and raw, bloody need.


Doggett pumped and thrust against him, denying him penetration. The rub of his Dom's shaft between his cheeks, blunt head striking the back of his balls, drove him to frustrated screams that were muffled by Doggett's fingers in his mouth.


"I think you're ready," Doggett said, panting.


Byers moaned, waiting for it, but all Doggett did was untie him. It was quick and efficient, and Byers was bewildered. He'd wanted to be fucked against the cross. When Doggett took the chain that joined his nipples and pulled, he stumbled in that direction, groaning. His cock throbbed, aching with his desire. He could feel it bobbing between his legs.


"Come with me." Doggett's eyes were intense, shining in the candlelight.


Byers almost lost himself in them. He reached up to touch Doggett's face, but one strong hand caught his wrist.


"You don't touch without permission." Another jerk on the nipple clips, and Byers gasped. Doggett blew out the candles then pulled him forward. He followed as Doggett led him out of the room and up the stairs, tugging as they went.


They didn't stop on the main floor. Doggett led Byers through the rooms to the stairs leading to the top floor. Byers followed close, gasping when Doggett tugged on the chain. Doggett smiled at the sound.


He staggered into the bedroom behind his Dom. Doggett pulled a tiny flogger out of his pocket and shoved Byers down on his back. Byers collapsed onto the bed gasping as Doggett tugged at the chain binding his nipples. "Ohhhh." He writhed, but Doggett put a hand on his chest.


"No. Be still, slut." He quickly rolled a condom onto his exposed, hard rod and Byers knew he'd be fucked soon. He wanted it more than he wanted breath.


Byers nodded, gasping. "Yes Sir." He closed his eyes, and the next thing he knew, the tiny rubber strands of the flogger struck the head of his cock. "Aaah! Oh my god!" He bucked into it, writhed away from it, howled with his need.


The next thing he knew, Doggett's hands grasped him by the knees, bending him in half, shoving his legs wide open, and Doggett was thrusting into him, hard and deep.


"Oh, god, tight," Doggett gasped as Byers wailed. "Perfect little slut. God I love fucking you." He pounded into Byers' willing body.


"Please, please Master, yes!" Byers cried, giving himself to Doggett in absolute submission. The man could do anything to him at this point and he would submit and beg for more. He would lie there, spread open and vulnerable, he'd let Doggett order anyone to fuck him. He'd take as many men in his ass as his Master wanted.


"Come, slut," Doggett ordered, and Byers shuddered, spurting between them, his hot come slicking his skin. He shouted, nearly in tears, throat sore with his hoarse cries. He could feel Doggett pounding him, deep and hard, coming inside him with groans that matched his own.


Gasping, Doggett moved his hands, slipping his arms around Byers' body. His hot, dry mouth covered Byers' and they kissed, fierce and passionate. Doggett didn't move, sinking slowly onto Byers' body, both of them exhausted.


"Oh, god," Doggett whispered. "God, Johnny, you're so fucking hot." Byers just panted, his body trembling. "God, I love fucking you. Such a sweet sub." Doggett sucked at his neck and Byers sighed, letting himself relax at last.


His last conscious memory was Doggett slipping out of him, tugging the ropes away from his wrists and ankles, and the warmth of his Dom's body curling around him.