Title: Equal Opportunity

Author: Mice

Email: just_us_mice@yahoo.com

Category: Stargate: Atlantis, McKay/Beckett

Warnings: slash

Spoilers: none

Rating: G

Summary: Rodney is an equal opportunity holiday hater.

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Disclaimer: Not mine. They belong to many other people. But if they were mine, they'd be having very interesting adventures.

Author's Notes: Because I had to write a ff100 Christmas fic. Ugh.


"Decorate your quarters," Rodney snarled. "You are *not* decorating my lab."


"Spoilsport," Simpson muttered.


"What?" Rodney said. "Most of the people here are atheists and non-Christians. You want Mahmood telling you that you have to fast with him for Ramadan?"


Simpson blinked. "Ramadan?"


Rodney snorted. "Yeah. That Islamic holiday where they starve themselves for a month. If you get to make everyone suffer through Christmas, he gets to make everyone fast for Ramadan. I'm telling you right now, that's not gonna happen."


Simpson stared at the wreath she'd put together. "Uh. Right."


Now he just had to tell Carson. Joy.