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The Shaman Bites Back: The third and last tale of the Tooth Fairy.

Fairy Affairs: The Tooth Fairy Tale continues.

Of Teeth and Shaman: And Blair thought his life was weird as it is!

Flight of Fancy: Escaping boredom...

Masks: "Wearing a mask wears you out. Faking it is fatiguing. The most exhausting activity is pretending to be what you know you aren't." Rick Warren

A Brief Olfactory Interlude: The title says it all....

SED: Jim is having problems....

Oh, Baby!: Not a great feast, but an aperitif on TV watching and the art of masculinity.

Love Ebbs and Flows: Jim is not as good a detective as he thinks.

Blair - the Ever Resourceful: A little scene from the life of an observer.

Cat-nip: Not all of Jim's dreams are visions...

Together: [He] knew the day would come when one of them would wake up to the fact that his partner was gone, but he didn't really believe it would happen.

The Times of My Life – Blair's Life Story: Jim took a breath as though gearing up for something. "Is that why you've never told me your secrets, Blair?" he asked. "You're worried that you'll lose me? 'Cause I have to tell you it'll never happen, you're stuck with me forever. But I'd really like to know about your life. I feel that it's a largely unknown part of you."

Midnight at the Oasis: Blair's been dumped by his boyfriend. A short PWP

Competitive Sports: Blair and Jim are really into sports....

Curiosity and the Gift: The first thought Blair had when he walked into the loft was that they'd been burgled.

The Hospital Gown: Yet another hospital inspired clue bus story.

Laughter is the Best Policy: Blair's been reading in bed....

Practically Married: Someone has pre-wedding nerves and needs Blair's advice.

The Sandburg Special: He went alone to a party. A good deal of alcohol was consumed... "I was drunk?"

Heart, Soul, and Senses: Blair once again tries aphrodisiac foods to seduce a new lover.

The Hospital Visit: Jim visits Blair in the hospital.

Last Warm Night: Jim and Blair spend a week at a cabin in the woods.

The Request: It was just a simple request, really.

Three Sheets to the Wind: The title pretty much sums it up!

Valentine's Day and Christmas: Musings on Valentine's Day and Christmas.

Anal? Me?: Just a dabble. The title says it all.

Egg-xotic Erotic: Blair is driving Jim crazy with his obsessive eating of cream eggs.

The Man Whisperer: Blair Sandburg is Cascade's own Dog Whisperer. Jim Ellison is a man with a dog problem....

The Journey: Jim goes on a journey, both physical and spiritual, to find his Guide.

A Different Angle: Jim and Blair try something a little... different.

Feathers and Leather: Sometimes being inventive backfires...

Real Men Don't, and Other Fallacies: Blair gets playful with food...

A Better Offer: Blair decides it's time to leave. Of course, Jim goes after him...

Dirty Laundry: I took the line; There was something different about his room. He just couldn't put his finger on what it was. My 'Donate an Orgasm for Moonridge 2009'

Horse, Chest and sore Nuts: 'A story based, very loosely, on the Godiva legend, and also inspired by a piece of art work by Semper.'

The Naked Nape: Blair's short hair leads to the end of the dance.

Claire: A "gentle" Hallowe'en story.

Love Hurts: Blair and Jim revisit the monastery.

This Side of Heaven: Blair's Love Letter to Jim. (I wrote this for the Orgasms for Moonridge 2008 Anthology that Caro Dee graciously put together.)

Cascade Terminus: Something a little bit different....

A Toga Party: A weekend away from the murder and mayhem of the city; what more could Blair and Jim ask for....

Let Metatarsals Bring Us Together: Jim discovers an unexpected interest in Blair's footwear.

Out to the World: Jim's feeling a little neglected.

It Takes a Village to Raise a Sentinel: Blair makes a confession which leads to Jim making a bigger one.

Easier in the Dark: Some things are easier said in the dark.

Oh God: Jim asks Blair...

Recycling: A surreal vision of the future?

Wind and Heat: Some pensive thoughts for Jim and Blair during a hot summer's afternoon.

Phallic Symbols: A challenge to write a story that included zucchinis and a summer sausage...

March 13: An "Obsenad" from 2004.

The Way of the Spirits: A missing scene from S2P, 1 and 2.

The Way to a Man's Heart: What happens when Blair asks Jim out....

Serendipity: It's Blair's birthday and some friends get him a special surprise.

Right Here, Right Now: My Sentinel Orgasm story, written for the Moonridge 2007 auction.

Pandora's Box: Blair is about to give up hope. a dish best served... hot?: After receiving an unpleasant shock, Blair teaches Jim a lesson. [NOTE: This story is not posted to 852 Prospect. It is exclusive to this page. Please note warnings.]


Sentinel Filks: Three short filks starring Jim and Blair.


Ripples on the Sea: 1952 Acapulco, a deep sea diver meets a cliff diver....

Fight for Justice: In the sleepy town of Muggia, Blair Sandburg meets a man who will change his life.

Spiced Wine: M. Julius Leonius returns to Rome after being discharged from the army. He encounters a slave, and a murder.

How Soft the Scarf, How Deep the Water: In England, in the year of our Lord, 1604, an actor and a merchant meet.

The Weaker Vessel: Sequel to "How Soft the Scarf..." Jem Ellison and Blair Sands are forced to investigate a charge of witchcraft that involves an old friend of Jem's.

Kith and Kin: Jem and Blair are reluctantly given a holiday by their employer, Sir Robert Cecil, spymaster for King James, and Blair persuades Jem to attend his brother's wedding, but there's a murderer on the loose in Luton...


Tooth and Claw: The first time it happened he thought he was going to die. Suddenly a cacophony of sounds assaulted his ears; a thick fog of smells hit him and made him fold over wanting to vomit. Colors drained from his world. Then came excruciating pain...

The Juggler of Swords: James, Sultan of Cascade, takes a fancy to a travelling entertainer.


The Sea Wolf Saga: In the tradition of the Hollywood pirates, a Sentinelized Swashbuckling romance.

The Mayan Chronicles: The tales of a Mayan priest and a Toltec warrior.

DIPS IN OTHER INKWELLS (Other fandom fiction)

Nut Cracker: A fitness evaluation for Bodie and Doyle.

Snapped!: Missing scene from Knockout.

To Wish Upon a Star-ship: 'The prompt for this story was 'use the first line from a book for your starting off point.' I chose 'Their Eyes were watching God', by Zora Neale Hurston. It seemed perfect for Jim Kirk's thoughts in Star Trek - the Motion Picture.

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