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I've actually *added* something to the page! No, I haven't gotten any more writing done. *G* Please welcome to my humble site the works of an excellent author -- Meercat. Please follow the link to
Meercat's Fic Haven, and enjoy.

While I'm in many fandoms, I only love two of them enough to write in them: The Sentinel and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. My few finished stories are below, and my favourite links page and works in progress page are linked below. Thanks for stopping by, and please let me know what you think! A writer lives on feedback alone...

Okay, I suppose I need to do the disclaimer thing. Official notice: here be fanfic. It's not legal, the characters aren't mine, I'm just having fun with them and promise to give them back when I'm done. Official notice the second: here there be slash stories. If you're under legal age or aren't interested in depictions of men in love with other men, you'd best not read them. If you do, please don't bother to flame me. I'm rather flame-retardant anyway. :)

Titles Ratings Summaries
Grapevine PG-13 This is a lyric story, based on the song, _I Heard It Through The Grapevine_, performed by Marvin Gaye, written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong. An old boyfriend of Blairís shows up in town and Jim suddenly realizes heís in love with Blair and is jealous.

Birthday Boy NC-17 This is what you get when you cross three IRC sibsters (Muse, Rusty, and myself) with a fuzzi-type-feline and a discussion on birthdays and buttercream frosting! *g* Happy birthday to Rafe!

Dream a Little Dream NC-17 This is a PWP, derived from a vivid mental image of Blair and Obi-Wan kissing. Hope you enjoy the image as much as I did!

Echoes of Loss G A short snippet I wrote for the Sentinel Angst list. I will eventually expand it, I'm sure, but for now it's just a short piece of angst.

I've put up a basic links page, but it's *very* rough right now, so be forgiving. :)
Iroshi's Fic Links

I've also started a page for my Works in Progress. They're *very* rough. I haven't even put any nice graphics on them. But they're up. I'll try to keep them updated.
Iroshi's Works In Progress

If you liked these stories, please let me know.

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