These are the challenges for the Garak/Bashir Fuh-Q-fest - Silver and Gold.
(The name of the person who issued the challenge is in parantheses.)

The Garak/Bashir Fuh-q Fest is retired after eight rounds. These challenges are now open to all, even if you were never a member of the Garak/Bashir Fuh-q Fest.

Art Challenges


Garak and Bashir are stranded on Cardassia after the war. They have to help wounded and dying. How did they end up there, and how do these circumstances affect them and their relationship? (kira-nerys)

Garak returns to Deep Space Nine after What You Leave Behind. Why? And how does Garak and Bashir's friendship develop when he comes back? (kira-nerys)

Write a story about Mirror Garak and Mirror Bashir getting together! I would love it if they actually fell madly in love with each other, and it wasn't just lust. (kira-nerys)

Garak actually shows real interest in Ziyal and Bashir gets madly jealous and decides to do something about it. (kira-nerys)

Garak and Bashir have a child. (kira-nerys)

A very domestic Garak/Bashir story. Maybe living like a married couple either on Cardassia or Earth, perhaps they commute :-) (kira-nerys)

AU; Garak is a wealthy Cardassian Lord who recieves the gift of an exotic human. (Prisca Banks)

AU; Bashir is a space pirate who high-jacks a ship load of delegates and finds among them the handsome smooth talking Cardassian rep! (Prisca Banks)

Bashir has given up hope of winning Garak when he is informed that his friend will be taking a mate as is custom for Cardassians. But, Garak won't tell him who he's got his eyes on to mate with. (Prisca Banks)

Garak gets help in winning over Bashir from the least likely of people...MORN! But in return Garak has to help Morn with the secret love of his life. (Prisca Banks)

AU; Garak is a wealthy Cardassian national at a peace convention on Earth and he needs an escort for a grand ball. Phone calls are made and genders are confused by secretaries. The end result, Garak finds a dashing, down-on-his-luck, doctor-to-be Julian at his door step. (Prisca Banks)

Bashir loses his memory while in a holo-suite program. Now, he thinks he's Deputy Bashir and his Old West town is in danger form a computer-virus/gunslinger. The virus won't release him from the suite. Only one hope to save him! Someone has to use the transporter and enter the game, kill the virus, and help Julian regain his memories! Guess who...^_^ (Prisca Banks)

Bashir invites Garak to join him in a holo-suite program of a spa and hot-tub place. (Prisca Banks)

Garak and Bashir 'Odd Couple' x-over. (Prisca Banks)

AU; Use any Faery Tale and re-write it using Garak and Bashir. (Prisca Banks)

"Two Humaniods and a Baby." Garak and Bashir have to take care of a baby left at Garak's shop! (Prisca Banks)

Write a story in which one character seduces the other in order to control him. (mrs260)

Write a story in which Garak meets Bashir's former fiancee, Palis. (She's the French ballerina with the beautiful feet; Bashir tells O'Brien about her in Armageddon Game.) Your choice whether the story is G/B established or first time! (mrs260)

There can never be too many Alien Sex stories! Write something in which Garak's physiology is different enough to cause sexual challenges. (mrs260)

3 years after "What You Leave Behind", Section 31 tries to force Bashir into working with them against the new, democratic Cardassia because the Federation has no control over Cardassia's democratic government but they *do* have control over a group of Cardies that want a return to the 'old cardassia'. Garak is a member of the democratic government, but will he be willing/able to help Bashir fight/bring down Section 31? if so, Can Garak and Julian get the goods to stop Section 31 and preserve Cardassia's fragile new democratic union, or will all be lost? (WolfGirl)

AU - When Jadzia died, the symbiote Dax was in extreme distress and the only suitable host available was Garak. (WolfGirl)

10 years after "what you leave behind", Julian Bashir finally realizes that he's been in love with Garak all these years and takes an extended leave on Cardassia intent on winning Garak's heart. Garak, who has not heard from Bashir at all since the end of the Dominion War, is not at all receptive. Is it too late for the boys to get together? (WolfGirl)

Write a first-person story from the point of view of someone other than Garak or Bashir. (Mosca)

Write a story that in some way illustrates or exemplifies the following quote. (Mosca)
The thing to remember about love affairs... is that they are all like having raccoons in your chimney... We have raccoons sometimes in our chimney... And once we tried to smoke them out. We lit a fire, knowing they were there, but we hoped that the smoke would cause them to scurry out the top and never come back. Instead, they caught on fire and came crashing down into our living room, all charred and in flames and running madly around until they dropped dead... Love affairs are like that... They all are like that.
- Lorrie Moore

Write a story that uses Kukalaka for some sexual purpose. (Mosca)

Write a story in which the conflict centers around a word that cannot be accurately translated from Federation Standard (English) to Kardasi.( Mosca)

Post-Wire, pre-OMB, when the guys are still having lunch regularly, Julian finds out about something Garak has done, something worse than he ever thought or could have imagined. (Michael of Borg)

G and B are living and working together (post-series) on Cardassia (perhaps married). Somehow, it turns out Tain is not dead after all. He returns and shows up on their doorstep. How is it that Tain is alive, and how does his presence affect the boys' lives? (Anonymous)

G and B are married and living on DS9. Richard Bashir is out of prison and pays a visit to his son, to find him with Garak. How does Richard react, and how does this affect the guys? (Anonymous)

The guys are married or together. After all these years, Palis shows up, and guess what? Julian has a child about whom he never knew. What happens? (Anonymous)

The boys are together or married and have never been to Earth together. Garak has never been. They take a trip or vacation to Earth. (Anonymous)

Garak, through accident or illness, gets irreversible brain damage affecting his speech--he cannot speak at all, and must re-learn to speak like a child. (Anonymous)

Julian knows he is attracted to Garak, or is in love, but has not revealed this to Garak. As he is trying to gather his courage or find a way to let him know, Garak is killed while away from the station (or from wherever they've been living, such as post-series Cardassia). (Anonymous)

Julian is too shy to let Garak know how he feels. Garak starts receiving anonymous gifts and love letters (from Julian). (Anonymous)

The guys are getting close to a commitment. Garak receives an opportunity to re-establish the Obsidian Order (post-Tain's death), or to lead Cardassia. Cardassia needs him. The post would exclude Julian from Garak's life. (Anonymous)

Ziyal, in love with or attracted to Garak, realizes Garak and Julian are "together", and schemes to break them up. Her schemes can include Julian's death. (Picture the original Ziyal.) (Anonymous)

The guys are involved and they are in love, but neither has spoken the word "love." (Anonymous)

After reading Garak's letter (ASIT), how does Julian reply? (Anonymous)

Julian has a secret tickling fetish. Garak finds out. (Anonymous)

Julian doesn't show up for duty or answer communication to his quarters. No reply at his door. Garak gets in (perhaps with others), and finds Julian passsed out, unconscious, or asleep, dressed in women's clothing. (Anonymous)

The guys are only friends, still meeting regularly for lunch. Julian is not aware of his feelings for Garak, and Garak has not spoken of his for Julian. Mila visits on DS9, and, observing how they both feel, plays matchmaker. (Anonymous)

AU: When Julian shot Garak in OMB, Garak was killed. (Anonymous)

Duty, moral imperative, or some other compelling reason, requires Julian to kill Garak, or to allow him to be killed or to die. What choices does Julian make? (Anonymous)

Garak stumbles(?) across Julian's diary/personal logs....(Anonymous)

An old man, the future Julian appears in Julian's quarters. He's come to give his younger self some advice. (Anonymous)

Garak is losing hope that Julian will ever show signs of feeling more than friendship toward him. Garak is falling into a noticeable depression. (Anonymous)

MU Julian, Captain Bashir, has occasion to visit our universe's DS9. He is charmed by Garak, and Garak responds. Our Julian notices what is going on. (Anonymous)

Garak and Bashir are living together on Cardassia Prime after Bashir receives Garak's letter, visits him, and gets together with him. Garak's old lover Palandine (Stitch in Time) visits Garak and lets him know she's interested in getting back together. What's Bashir's reaction? (Crystalyna)

Bashir is surgically altered to appear Cardassian for a Starfleet mission. He turns to Garak to train him to behave like a Cardassian. (Thanatos)

Bashir is seduced by the dark side aka 31 and starts using his 'talents' to propell himself further up the ladder and to enhance the game (which he is enjoying since he's been 'converted') and is good at it perhaps too good at it. Can Garak save him and bring him back to the light and be a force of good once more in time? (Kim Riley)

Bashir, (who is straight) is forced somehow to go undercover as a woman. (Whether for Fleet or for survival is up to the writer) During this time he learns a thing or two about men...and about a particular Cardassian that will change not only his view/ preference, but his life. (Kim Riley)

In his last year of study Julian and a group of cadets are sent to help out at a colony near the demilitarized zone. A Cardassian ship attacks the colony, Starfleet responds and rescues the cadets, except Julian is missing. Evidence is found implying he was killed/another cadet jealous of him says he was killed. He is really taken prisoner by Obsidian Order Agent Garak. What happens next? (Qzeebrella)

Something has driven Bashir to the absolute breaking poiint, and he attempts suicide only to be stopped at the very last moment by Garak. What happens, why, and what was the result of that stopping? (Charon)

Garak is a Cardassian Order agent and bound to be both very cold sensitive and noise sensitive -so what does he do when his beloved Julian snores constantly and steals the blankets? (This one is an opportunity to write a very silly comedy piece and exercise a deviant imagination; not to mention include all the relationship grumbles you've ever had!). (Diana)

What if Garak really is as unfit as he say's he is. How does Julian deal with a relationship with someone with middle-age spread? Is love more important than lust? Or do looks matter more than Julian thought they did? (Hey maybe dating a surgeon can have advantages -free body sculpting?). (Diana)

Garak and Bashir are in a sexual relationship, when one of them begins to experience impotency for at least several weeks. How do they react, and what impact does this have on their relationship? (Elizabeth Helena)

Choose a piece of music that inspires you, and write a G/B story from it. (Olivia)

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Garak and Bashir in bed. Explicit. Preferably a drawing or a detailed manipulation. Let's see some ridges! (kira-nerys)

Mirror Garak and Bashir sharing a kiss. (kira-nerys)

Garak and Bashir in a very domestic setting. Kids? A cross between Garak and Bashir, what would such a kid look like? (kira-nerys)

Garak and Bashir in period costume. Your choice of era. (mrs260)

Garak and Bashir drawn as characters from the movie/TV show/book of your choice. (mrs260)

Garak and Bashir as people or beings from mythology. (mrs260)

Garak and Bashir participating in a non-canonical hobby or sport. (mrs260)

BDSM scene with Bashir as the dom and Garak as the sub. (mrs260)

Garak tailoring Bashir's clothing. (mrs260)

Draw Garak (and Bashir?) inspired by this quote from Elizabeth on garakbashir: "...the vision of [Garak] in a Starfleet uniform sipping rootbeer is far more terrifying than that of Nog." (Thanatos)

We know what Andy looks like without his makeup. However, I'd like to see someone do, from a photograph, Julian as a Cardassian. (cardassianfire)

Draw a picture in which Julian is eager and Garak is uncertain. (mrs260)

I would like pictures of our guys in the everyday moments--having lunch at the Replimat, etc., but with something in the drawing which makes clear what canon does not. For example, holding hands across the table. Or expressions on their faces as they look at each other. (Anonymous)

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