Fanfiction Links

Least Expected
large, mainly slash archive, all pairings

The Library of Moria
slash archive, all pairings

LotR Recommendations

Éomer Slash
Fanfiction and fanart archive devoted to Éomer Éadig

German Aragorn/Boromir archive
Kylie's Villian

Boromir archive
Boromir: A Hero's Journey

LotR Movie Links

Official Movie Site™

The Quintessential 'Lord of the Rings' Website

Der Herr der Ringe Film

Film Pán Prstenû

Numenor, le seigneur des Anneaux au cinéma

Ian McKellen's 'Grey Book'

War of the Ring
The Lord of the Rings and Tolkien site : Covering everything from movie photos to the meaning of the Silmarillion.

Tolkien Links

The Encyclopedia of Arda
An evolving encyclopedia of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, complete with illustrations, maps and an interactive chronicle.

Sean Bean

The Compleat Sean Bean

Full of Beans

Viggo Mortensen

The Many Faces of Viggo Mortensen

The Corner of Viggo Mortensen


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