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If you have not seen We Are The Eggmen, you might not want to
read this story, which takes place right after WATE...

The Lottery Ticket

A very short story by Alias Undercover.
It happens right after the chicken ate the lottery ticket.

Ray and Francesca looked each other, unable to form words.  Their
25,000 dollar lottery ticket was being pecked to death by a chicken. 
Franny looked away, extremely angry at her brother.  If she had of
been the one holding the ticket, none of this would have happened. 
She quickly hammered her brain for a fast way to get even.  Smiling
to herself, she looked back at Ray and said, "I'm going to go
outside for a moment.  I need a breath of fresh air."  Ray slowly
nodded, still unable to talk.  On her way out, Francesca picked up a
handful of eggs.

Ray was now left alone with the chicken, his hatred for poultry
growing immensely.  He glanced around to make sure no one was
watching and then grabbed the chicken with both hand.  Shaking it
violently, he started screaming, "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!"  

Fraser ran into the room and tried to take the chicken away from
him.  "Ray!" he hollered, "Calm down.  The chicken didn't do it on
purpose!"  By the time he wrestled the chicken from Ray it was
already dead.  Benton looked at the limp chicken laying in his hands
and started to lecture Ray.  "Now look what you did, Ray.  It's

Ray rolled his eyes.  "Of course it's dead Benny.  I wanted it dead."  
He tried to grab the dead chicken but Fraser quickly stepped back. 
"Now give it back to me."  Fraser started to walk backwards,
closely watching his friend.  Ray lunged for the chicken again.    

"Why?  It's already dead Ray.  What more could you do to it?"  

Ray gave Fraser an insane looking smile before he responded.  "I
am going to roast that bird.  I am going to eat it like it ate my
ticket."  Then he tackled Benton, knocking him to the ground.  Ray
grabbed the chicken and ran.  When he finally got outside and saw
his car, he dropped the chicken.  "Francesca!" he hollered at the top
of his lungs.  "What did you do to my car?"  His Riv was covered
with smashed eggs, inside and out.  

Francesca wickedly smiled.  "You deserved it you SOB."

Ray shrugged and sadly smiled.  "Maybe I did.


Later that night the Veccio family sat down to a hearty dinner of potato 
salad and fried chicken.