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From: tortiecat
Date: 02/02/2012
I don't think the point of the story was just to have Fraser reject Ray Vecchio for Ray Kowalski.

Fraser's terribly upset because he knows that he loves both Rays - and that the love that he had for Ray V never went away even after he and Ray were separated. However, the love that he has for Kowalski has gotten in the way of his love for Ray V, and Fraser understands that after he and Ray V make love. He just can't go back to the type of love he and Ray V once had - and that's not Ray V's fault at all. So Fraser must reject Ray V, and rejecting him hurts Fraser.

There are no winners in this story. Fraser and Ray V are both in emotional turmoil, and even Kowalski will be hurt. It doesn't matter that he has been chosen by Fraser; I see Fraser being upset about losing Ray V for a long time, and seeing Fraser upset will hurt Kowalski. I don't quite understand why Fraser wants to go to Kowalski right after he says goodbye to Ray V; I think Fraser would rather have a good cry. But maybe he thinks Kowalski will understand why losing Ray V is so very painful to him.

And this is why I generally don't like slash, but especially slash in which Fraser has had both Rays as lovers and has to choose one of them over the other. It's usually Ray V who loses out. Non-slash stories with Fraser and the Rays all being friends, but not lovers, are much happier!

From: Nancy
Date: 04/17/2011
Poor RayV!

Why does it always seem to be he whom Fraser rejects for RayK, instead of Fraser wanting to be RayV when RayV returns from being undercover?

I wish the "COTW" writers would have never shown Fraser choosing one Ray over another - because then sad stories like this one are the result :-(. And don't try to tell me that RayV was happy with that *itch Stella - he's far more happier with Fraser!

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