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Hello, and welcome to 'Go on and Kiss The Boy', an archive for Paris/Kim Slash Fanfiction, an archive dedicated to those among us who believe Star Trek Voyager's Lieutenant Thomas Eugene Paris and Ensign Harry Stephen Liu Kim are one of Star Trek's cutest couples since sliced bread.

Before we go any further however, we feel we must point out something that may or may not be obvious.

See that / between Paris and Kim? That slash is more than a just a grammatical construct; it's a fanfic tradition, used to indicate a relationship between the two characters in question that goes beyond friendship (sometimes way beyond). That innocuous looking slash stands for sex. It stands for love. It stands for everything from hand-holding, kissing and general canoodling to (sometimes) bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, or even rape.

Would you like to learn more about fanfiction and its terminology? Then click here or here. Want to learn more about slash, as these same sex relationships are called? Then click here instead. Aren't very sure about what all the story codes and/or content warnings mean? Then please consider reading this FAQ.

Now, again, we must point out what may be obvious. Because the two characters in question are Paris and Kim and because Paris and Kim are both male, the hand-holding, kissing and general canoodling, the bondage, discipline, submission and dominance are going to be, by necessity, homosexual hand-holding, kissing, and general canoodling.

Therefore, if you find the concept of homosexuality, whether implied or explicit, fictional or real, disturbing or otherwise offensive, may we in all politeness suggest going elsewhere? We're fairly certain everyone will both be a lot happier if you do.

And now for a word about legalities. Because of the aforementioned homosexual as well as sometimes adult content of the archive, it may not be legal for you to be here if you are under the age of consent (usually eighteen) in the state or country in which you currently reside.

As for the legalities of who owns what -- Well, just let us say that however much we might like them to be, Tom and Harry aren't ours. If you really don't know who they belong to, scroll down to the bottom of the page for the official disclaimer, and to find out who really owns these delightful and ever-so-scrumptious characters.

Disclaimers, warnings and caveats:
While all efforts are made to keep both web sites and e-mail addresses current, this is not always possible. If you have a correction, the webmistress would be eternally grateful if you would e-mail her with that correction.

Disclaimers, warnings and caveats two:
Commercial use in any manner without the express written permission of the individual authors is prohibited. Commercial use without permission is a violation of Federal Law which may leave you subject to significant criminal and civil penalties.


While the authors archived here may have what some may call an active fantasy life (some may say a too active fantasy life), we are also quite aware that it is just that: a fantasy life. We know the difference quite well thank you between the actor and the character, between Wang and Kim and between RDM and Paris. If you do not, if you find yourself unable to separate the actor from the character, may we again suggest you go elsewhere?

And now, onto the archive

The Top Ten Most Romantic On-screen Moments between Tom Paris and Harry Kim (or why I think they are conducting an off-camera relationship).

10.  Harry's saying, "I don't let anyone choose my friends for me" in the episode "Caretaker".

9.  Tom's saying, "I'm not about to believe Harry and the others are gone forever" in the episode "Heroes And Demons".

8.  Tom's grasping Harry's shoulder in the episode "Twisted" when they think they're about to be annihilated by the anomaly of the month.

7.  Harry's "goodbye hug" in the episode "Investigations".

6.  Tom and Harry getting off the turbolift together and adjusting their clothes during the episode "Remember".

5.   The look of concern for Tom on Harry's face in the episode "The Swarm".

4.   Three words. "Don't leave me", and the look on Tom's face when he says it in the episode "The Chute".

3.   Two words. "He's MINE" in the episode "The Chute".

2.   Nine words. "This man is my friend. No one touches him." in the episode "The Chute".

And the number one most romantic on-screen moment between Tom Paris and Harry Kim:
1.   The part where they hold hands and curl up to go to sleep in the episode "The Chute".

Written by Joanne Collins, PKSP moderator emiteritus.




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