X-Files Fanfiction

Disclaimer: The X-Files and all characters depicted in the television show are property of
Fox and 1013 Productions. No profit is being made from their use in these stories.

Coffee Talk - Scully overhears gossip at the office coffee machine.(PG)

And So It Goes.... - Mulder contemplates his feelings for Scully. (G) MSR;SongFic

The Rendezvous - Scully has a mysterious meeting at a seedy hotel... but who is there
with her? (PG)

Hear Me Roar! - Action!Scully proves a point to her partner. (PG) Mild Violence

Normal Date - Scully gets a life. Scully/Other Romance (PG)

Second Date - Scully's second date with Brian is anything but normal. Scully/Other
Romance (PG)

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