The Sentinel

Disclaimer: The Sentinel and all characters depicted in the television show are property
of UPN and Pet Fly. No profit is being made from their use in these stories.

      The Legacy Trilogy

      I don't normally read death stories, and I definitely didn't mean to write one. But the muse
      wouldn't leave me alone and these stories are the result. Bring your tissues, you'll need
      them. (PG)

      Legacy First part. A taped message speaks for the dead.

      Legacy: Prequel Second part. This is how it happened -- a parting of friends.

      Legacy: Gift of Life Closure to the Legacy Trilogy. Even grief cannot last forever. Seen
      through the Panther's eyes.

      Other Stories

      Buddies Simon needs a friend. Will he accept Jim's help? Rated PG

      A Low-Down Dirty Shame The guys get dirty. Rated G

      To Shoot or Not to Shoot  Snippet - Jim's down and Blair must protect him... but can he pull
      the trigger? Rated PG for implied violence

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