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Here's my information regarding "Terms of Service" and the services here at

**NOTE: Terms Of Service Update, November 2020**

I hold no rights to someone else's information -- I will just host it.  The content is solely owned by the list/email/website owner, and I lay no claim to it.  Only exception is when someone approaches me to add their copyrighted terms to the public legal

page.  One group, the DDTeens, had some problems with people misrepresenting their name, and asked if we could copyright it, so I put together a page saying "The following terms are copyrighted by Squidge Production Facilitators", etc.  You can see it at

I'm really leniant -- Hell, I'm a fan, too.  I'm just giving back to the community by hosting chats, mailing lists, websites, and email accounts.  I have two rules:  No "snuff" flick type stuff and no kiddie porn.  Other than that, you can have whatever you

want on your website/mailing list, etc.  The one time I did object to something was a 600Mb ZIP file that someone made of a CDRom game, stored it on my system, then gave out their login and password to all their friends to log onto my server and take it.

First off, I didn't want that kind of traffic, because a few people downloading that all at once will kill all of my bandwidth (thus leaving none for anyone else), and secondly sharing a login and password with others can lead to people breakinginto the server.  Not good stuff.

So anyway, there you have it on the "Terms of Service".

As for features, I have one mailing list managers, which is using the Sympa software (and located at ).  For each list, you have a section for a webpage for that list, shared files, and archives.  Squidge hosts individual's webpages and email accounts, and have slowed down access to new accounts unless asked about it -- if someone sees the form that exists and moves on, that's OK.  If they ask me if I'm going to open up to new users, I usually give them an account, especially now with the stuff going on with LiveJournal. Right now, I have about 200 users, some of which are email only, some are web page only, some have mailing lists, and some are major fan fiction archives.  I also have a private IRC (chat) server here that's

always in use by one group or another.

Since it's just me, I think there's good and bad:  There's no corporate BS or anything.  People have lots of leeway, etc.  I can answer your questions you have pretty easily, and you'll always get the same answer (the right one!) when you ask, no matter who asks.  Only time it's bad is when I'm swamped so I can't get to your request within 12 hours (which is a LONG time in cyberspace) or if I go on vacation and you need a new list or something, it'll have to wait until I'm back.

There is occasion when a website has used an official logo from a website (like the Harry Potter logo from the official Harry Potter website, etc).  This is generally a no-no.  If that does happen, and I’m approached by a copyright holder (or more likely, their lawyer), I will ask you to remove the copyrighted material.

Added in 2002: Please note -- If you have a UNIX/Web/Mail account through, that account and the information about it (the login & password) are yours and yours alone.  This means that you are NOT to share your account information with others.  If you do, and I find out, I'll be forced to terminate your account for security reasons.  Now it's fine if you and another person/some people are using one account for website creation and maintenance, etc.  However, you may NOT -- I repeat, NOT -- allowed to give your login & password out to others for the purpose of you and them sharing files, etc.  I've gotten hacked too many times to open myself up to this type of attack. We'll change your password if need be, to prevent others from accessing your account.

Added in 2006: is on limited bandwidth at the moment.  Therefore, I have created  It’s hosted in a datacenter, so it’s “off the premises” of and doesn’t adversely affect bandwidth.  If you a want bandwidth intensive account, please let me know. NOTE from November, 2020: We are on a gigabit fiber line; this no longer applies.

Added September 21st, 2007: I have been asked to clarify what “kiddie porn” means.  First of all, the artistic writing in fandoms, such as Harry Potter, is not considered kiddie porn.  According to a court ruling in the United States, it is more the actual image that is the problem.  Now as for artists who create pieces of work that are in like the Harry Potter or such fandoms, the law is specific.  The piece of work must have artistic intent.  As an artist doing the work, you are putting forth artistic intent.  Thus, for those pages that you have artistic intent work on, I suggest you put a disclaimer stating your artistic value of the work, and that objectors should redirect to Google.come or something. has added image hosting and a robust story archive hosting package, both of which are via open source software. These TOS apply.

So there ya go!

All pages copyright 1994-2020 Squidge Production Facilitators

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