Wearing My Heart On...
by Shar

Rating: NC-17
Beta: Bast
Author's E-mail: MelSharon@aol.com
Author's Webpage: http://whispersoftheheart.com


Something warm and moist tickled at the outer shell of his ear as he slowly drifted to wakefulness. A lazy smile spread across his face, his eyes stubbornly remaining closed in bliss. "Mmmm... feels so good..." Blair moaned with a raspy voice, his body automatically stretching and relaxing into the pleasurable sensations.

"It's supposed to feel good, birthday boy. God, you never cease to amaze me, Chief. So much brilliance -- even before seven," Jim teased, nipping playfully at a pierced lobe.

Blair chuckled and turned to face his lover as he slowly pried open his eyes. "Careful Jim. Play nice or no nookie."

"Nookie? You say nookie at this hour? God, and a vocabulary to boot. Your brilliance astounds me, Sandburg."

"Sandburg? In bed Jim?" he queried with mock indignation, his eyes belaying his aggravated tone. "Oh that seals it man. No nookie for you."

"Come on, Sandburg. Roll over and take it like a man," Jim ordered in a lewd tone, reaching out to playfully tweak a jeweled nipple.

Blair burst out laughing and reached for the covers and slapping his lover's questing hands away. "No. No way, man. Not after that comment. You'll have to wait until you've made restitution. And I don't always forgive so easily." Lying back on the bed, he stared up at his lover who was still looming over him. "But you can suck me," he nodded, one eyebrow cocked with arrogance.

"Oh I can, can I?" Jim asked, bending further down over his lover's chest while removing the sheet and blanket. "And why in the world would I want to do that?"

"'Cause you love the taste of me. And you love the feeling of power it gives you when I shudder and come in your mouth. And because you like making me happy. I have so got your number, man."

"Yeah.... I guess you do. Happy birthday, baby," Jim whispered happily as he claimed Blair's mouth, his fingers closing around his lover's hard cock.

For long moments, the only sounds were moist and hot, accompanied by low guttural moans of approval from both men as they kissed. Breaking apart to stare into each other's eyes, declarations of love made and accepted in silence, they both read the knowing looks in bright blue eyes.

"That sucking thing?" Jim asked as he continued to stare. Blair nodded, choosing to remain silent as his hands came to rest on his lover's hips. "I think I'd like to do that now," Jim said in a hushed voice.


Moving lower down his mate's body, Jim smiled and lowered his head and lips around the rosy tip of Blair's cock, their eyes still locked in a lover's gaze. Smiling around the silken column of flesh at Blair's appreciative moan, Jim closed his eyes in happiness.

Looking down at his lover gently mouthing his cock and slowly milking his brains from the tip, Blair felt complete happiness. Yep, he thought to himself, happy birthday Blair.


"So what's the addition going to be this year, Blair?" Nicholas Dayton asked as he reached across the small cafe table for a sugar packet. "Every year since I've known you, you go out and do something to your body on your birthday. Case in point, that nipple ring from '96. Hell of a birthday party too, as I remember... or don't remember," he teased, laughing as he remembered his state of total inebriation after Blair's birthday party.

"The alcohol helped dull the pain, Nick. And I seem to remember you getting your own piercing to mark the occasion. By the way... did your girlfriend learn to love it yet?" Blair teased, playfully punching his friends arm.

Nicholas stuck out his tongue, one silver stud gleaming in the morning sunlight from the cafe window. "Funny. Very funny. Yes, in fact, she loves it. But this isn't the same girlfriend. Rita was five girlfriends ago. And no -- she never learned to like it. Kathy however, the current one, loves it." Ripping open the small white sugar packet and holding it over his regular black coffee, he spoke. "So what's it gonna be this year? Other nipple? Or maybe something lower?" he teased.

"Ha ha," Blair quipped, sipping his vanilla cappuccino. "Actually.... Yes. I do have something in mind, and yes, it's lower. I was thinking of getting a tattoo."

"Whoa," Nicholas exclaimed, sitting back in his chair and staring at Blair. "I thought you said Jim told you he'd kick your ass if you got a tattoo. Living life dangerously again Blair?"

"Yeah... but not if that's where I got the tattoo," Blair offered nonchalantly.

"You willing to risk your ass over it? Besides.... How you gonna deal with it if he hates it?"

"That's why it's not going to be permanent. I got a friend in the art department that's agreed to draw one that will wear off over time. Lasts about six weeks. I figure that'll give us both enough time to decide if we like it or not." Leaning over, Blair began gathering books and papers into his backpack after noticing the time.

"I'd venture to say that'd be a wise move, man. You gonna tell Jim it's fake?" Nicholas asked, gathering his own books.

"Nope. Gonna completely test the waters. Well, as best I can. He's pretty observant. He'll probably figure it out. I can see him now checking my ass with a magnifying glass for blood stains," he laughed, imagining Jim's keen eyesight zeroed in on his ass, his body flushing hot with excitement. "I'm counting on him being overwhelmed by it and too excited to look too closely."

"I'd say you're counting on getting laid," Nicholas shot back, deftly ducking a playful smack from Blair's hand.

"Always, my friend. Always."


"So... how old is the kid today? Fourteen?" Simon teased as he poured a new blend of coffee into Jim's cup.

"Twelve, if a day," Jim assured, his eyes twinkling with mirth. "Not old enough to stop me from thinking on occasion that I'm robbing the cradle."

"Sometimes, I think he's wise beyond his years. Then he goes and does something typically Sandburg and I feel like sending him to juvey for truancy." Simon chuckled and sipped at his newest blend.

Laughing, Jim agreed. "Yeah... I know exactly what you mean. I just keep telling myself that he's legal. Every day I look in the mirror and see forty years staring back at me. And not all of them kind. But then I see him and wonder how in the hell I got so lucky."

"You deserve some happiness, Jim. God knows you've had your share of suffering."

"Maybe... But I keep thinking that one day, it will all be taken away." Jim stared out the windows, his eyes picking up the colorful dance of dust in the morning sunlight. "I bought him a bracelet. It's engraved with a wolf and panther intertwined. Our spirit animals."


"Yeah. Something mushy on the back of it," Jim added, his face taking on a slight reddish tint.

"Uh huh," Simon nodded, peering over her glasses. "I should hope so." Clearing his throat, he reached for a pile of files on his desk. "So where do we stand on the Masterson case?"


Smoothing his well-worn corduroy jacket, Blair took a deep breath and opened the wooden doors of Rainier's senior art studio. "Chris? Chris? You here, man?"

A ponytail of pale blonde hair appeared over a long flat sculpture. "Over here, Blair," a lilting female voice called. Head back to where the kiln is and drop your pants and lay down on the table. I put down a drop cloth for you so you'd be more comfy. I'll be right there."

"'Kay." Blair headed to room he had been directed to and shrugged of his backpack. His heavy tan jacket soon followed. Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he bent down and untied his Nike's, pulled off his socks and quickly shed his jeans. Thankful his underwear drawer ran the gamut of selections, adjusted the black thong and carefully crawled up onto the table. Shifting to accommodate his filling cock, he fidgeted for a moment until he was comfortable and then crossed his arms and laid his head on top of them.

"Well if that isn't a sight for sore eyes," Chris teased as she walked into the smaller room, wiping her hands on her paint-splattered apron.

"Come on, Chris," Blair pleaded, hating himself for the blush he knew was visible all the way from his ankles to the tips of his ears.

"Lighten up, Blair. You know I'm just teasing," Chris assured as she playfully slapped his bare butt cheek. "Besides, you know it's something I've seen for years. Hell, I remember changing your diapers when you were nothing more than a hairball."

"Hairball...very funny," Blair moaned, his hope for avoiding that particular reminder shot out the window with her words. "I know, I know. Let's just do this before I chicken out."

"Did you bring the rough sketch with you?"

"Yeah -- I forgot and left it in my backpack. You want me to --"

"Naa. I'll get it. Just lay still. Right or left?" Chris asked as she moved toward Blair's discarded clothes and backpack.

"Right, I guess. How many colors did you say you had again?"

"Twelve. That enough for you?"

"Yeah, I wasn't sure, so I just did the sketch with three. Twelve? Really? Wow. I never knew there were that many," Blair called over his shoulder as he heard Chris drawing near.

"Most people don't. Black's just the most widely recognized." Looking down at the sketch she held and the canvas of Blair's ass it was going to be immortalized on, she spoke? "You want it any fancier than this, or do you want me to liven it up?"

"Just keep it plain. Just like a standard tattoo. That's what it's supposed to be -- a tattoo."

"Did you tell Jim or are you still trying to given the poor man a heart attack?"

"Chris! You know half that shit that happens isn't my fault!" Blair snorted and shifted, sighing in exasperation. "Is it my fault I'm a nut magnet?"

"I suppose not," Chris agreed as she readied her colors and brush. "But you have to admit there's been a lot of crazy stuff with you, Blair."

"I know, I know. And I've got the scars to prove it," he agreed. Smiling as his mind flipped through moment after moment with his lover sentinel, he knew his decision would always remain the same. "And I wouldn't trade a one."

"I know you wouldn't, hon. The love you feel for your Jim shines right there in your eyes for everyone to see. Just be careful, okay? I hate to see you hurting. For any reason."

"Thanks. And I know you care. But Jim watches out for me. I'll always be safe with him. He's my --"

"Yeah, yeah, I know.... 'Blessed Protector.' I've heard the story before, Squirt."

"Who you callin' Squirt? I'm bigger than you are." Blair added the word 'finally' under his breath, knowing Chris wouldn't hear.

"Maybe now, but it took you a long time --"

"Good things take time. Besides, the package was well worth waiting for."

"Maybe in your eyes...."

The two continued to argue playfully until Chris was finished with the body artwork, telling Blair to lie still for another thirty minutes to make sure the ink was dry.

Smiling, Blair imagined Jim's reaction upon seeing his name plastered possessively on the right cheek of his ass. Kind of like a "if lost, please return to" label found inside of clothing. He chuckled to himself and knew he was turning an unmanly shade of red. Yeah, well -- it'll all be worth it. I know it will. He'll love it and I'll get nailed to the mattress. Yeah. Definitely.


Lighting the last of dozens of candles, Jim stepped back to admire the flickering lights lighting the loft's interior. Soothing sounds of ocean waves with an overlay of flute and soothing rhythms moved around him as their surround system speakers picked up each nuance in the music. He had even lit some of Blair's incense and allowed the scent to flow from one room to the next while he waited for his lover to return home from school.

He moved back toward the kitchen and removed the lasagna and bread from the oven as he heard the rumbling sounds of Blair's car as he parked it by the side of their building. Reaching into the refrigerator, he pulled out the salad he had made earlier and filled two bowls with its contents. He replaced the remainder on the top shelf and grabbed two beers before closing the door and heading over to greet his lover.

"Hey, Jim... sorry I'm late. I --" Any remaining words died on Blair's lips as he took in the vision before him. Jim was leaning against the kitchen island wearing the softest looking faded jeans and white tank top. His feet were bare and he wore the most decadent smile.

"I was going to meet you nude, but I didn't want to embarrass you in case you had someone with you, Chief."

Blair couldn't speak for the longest time, his eyes flickering from Jim to the candles and then back to Jim. "For..." he cleared his throat and tried again. "For me?"

"Uh huh.... You know any other birthday boy around here?"

"Nu huh. Just me. But man.... All this for me?"

"I thought we had established that already, Chief. Get with the program," Jim teased lovingly as he moved towards his surprised lover. "I think," he breathed hotly into Blair's ear. "That you're wearing too many clothes. How about," Jim suggested, slowly removing Blair's backpack and slipping the heavy coat from his shoulders. "...You lose some of these clothes and come eat some dinner. I turned the thermostat up so you won't get too cold. I laid your robe out on the bathroom sink..."

"Oh wow..." Blair turned and leaned up to kiss his lover. "I, uh... have a surprise for you too."

"On your birthday? Maybe you're not getting the whole concept of having a birthday. You receive gifts. You don't give them."

"I know. But... every year, I've always done something significant to mark the occasion. Like the times I got my ears pierced -- ages fifteen and sixteen."

"And the nipple ring?" Jim asked as his fingers teased the little nub beneath the three layers of clothes.

"Ahhhhh.... Yeah. Like the nipple ring. God, Jim..." Blair moaned, his body arching and pressing more firmly against his lover.

"So go get comfy and then we can talk presents."

"You got me presents?" Blair bounced and grinned widely. "Where? Come on, Jim..."

"All in good time. Go on, Chief. Get comfy and get your ass back here pronto," he teased slapping on hand playfully against Blair's newly tattooed cheek. Blair winced and flushed a deep crimson thinking of Jim's face when he finally saw his new addition. "What is it? I didn't really hurt you did I? I was only teasing. Or did something happen that you're not telling me? Let me see, Blair."

Blair blushed a deeper shade of red and stepped back shaking his head. "I'm fine, Jim. Fine. I promise."

"Then let me see," Jim pressed as he grabbed the waistband of Blair's jeans and pulled him back close. Carefully unbuttoning and unzipping his lover's jeans he shushed all protests and eased the clothing down. "Turn around."

Looking up into Jim's eyes, Blair swallowed and slowly turned. "I can explain --"

"Sandburg --" Jim began as he lifted up his lover's shirttails and spied the new artwork. "A tattoo? What the...." And then he realized what it said. His name. Tattooed across Blair's ass cheek. His name tattooed on his lover's ass. Unbelievable!

"Jim... Please don't be mad..."

"Mad?! What the hell were you -- how could you put something -- what the hell possessed you --"

Blair looked over his shoulder at his sputtering lover and stepped out of his jeans and boxers as he shrugged out of his flannel shirt. "I always teased you that you wanted your name tattooed to my ass, and, well.... There it is."

Jim sucked in a breath and reached out to stroke the outlined red image. He felt Blair shudder beneath his touch and shifted to his knees. "Your skin... your beautiful.... Why?"

Blair shivered as his ass was palmed and skimmed by sensitive fingers, seeking each dip and bump in the new design. "That's easy. Because I love you and wanted your name written across my flesh the same way it is across my heart and soul."

"Blair..." Jim whispered as his lips caressed the newly tattooed area. "No one's ever loved me the way you do. But to --"

"Do you like it," Blair blurted out, his breathing still shallow with concern.

"I... It's.... Oh, Chief.... Does it hurt?"

"No, Jim. It doesn't hurt. But you didn't answer my question. Do you like it?"

"Yeah. Amazingly enough... I do. I like it. It suits you. And now everyone will know who you belong to."

"As if that was ever a question," Blair teased. "So... does it make you hot. Cause I gotta admit... it was a total rush having it done." He pressed his hips back in silent invitation, the soft flesh of his ass cheek bumping against Jim's face. "I got hard and everything. Thinking about you seeing it... touching it... touching me...."

Clearing his throat roughly, Jim pressed his lips to the colored flesh and closed his eyes. "God... what you do to me. You're going to give this old man a heart attack someday."

"You're not old, Jim. Just older. There's a difference. Now take me to bed and make love to me," he commanded in a low husky voice. "Show me how much you like your name being there."

"Are you sure? I mean, isn't it tender?"

"Not in the least bit. Come on, man... it's my birthday. Do I have to beg to get nailed to the mattress?"

"No, no begging. At least not yet," Jim promised as he rose to his feet and enfolded Blair into his arms.

"Promises, promises," Blair teased back, settling into his lovers arms. "What about dinner? It smells great."

"It'll keep," Jim growled, walking them toward the stairs to their loft bedroom.

Blair laughed and continued to walk backwards, still held firmly against his lover's body. "You think? As opposed to, say.... This?" he asked, palming Jim's erection through the soft denim.

"Exactly," he shuddered and exhaled roughly. "Now... up the stairs with you, birthday boy. Or you'll get those birthday spankings my dad was always so fond of," Jim promised as he eyed his lover.

"Promises, promises." Blair laughed and turned to climb the stairs, his ass swaying as he walked. He smiled to himself as he heard his lover groan and start up the stairs behind him.

Jim pounced as soon as he reached to top of the stairs, pulling them both onto the freshly made bed. "Want you, Blair. I want to be so far inside you that you taste me tomorrow."

Groaning, Blair pulled his lover's face up for a kiss and then whispered, "Yes, God yes. I want that too. Jim, just fuck me. Do it now," he commanded. Rolling over to his hands and knees, he presented his colorful ass for his lover's consideration.

Hurriedly reaching beneath their pillows, Jim retrieved the tube of lube and quickly began preparing his lover. Peppering kisses on both smooth mounds and paying special care to the new brightly colored tattoo, he soon had Blair panting and writhing beneath his touch. "You ready for me, Chief?"

"Oh God, yes! Please, just do it... All the way... all the way...." Pressing back against his lover's erection, Blair's body telegraphing its need.

Placing a kiss on each smooth hip, Jim smiled as his tongue tickled the sensitive flesh. "I love you," he said simply, still overwhelmed at the love between them. Leaning back, he carefully lined up his cock with the entrance to Blair's body and slowed pushed inward, not stopping until his groin was flush with his lover's body.

Both men groaned at the sensation, ceasing movement to just enjoy the first moment of full connection between them, until the need to move became overpowering. Their bodies began to undulate, giving and taking pleasure in equal portions, grunting and gasping words of love and appreciation to one another. Until just before completion, Blair stilled, his body tensed on the brink until falling over the edge with a ragged cry of ecstasy.

Locked in a moment of pure love, Jim stilled and watched his lover shudder and cry out as his body spasmed with release, his own body soon following.

Collapsing on the bed in a tangle of limbs, they panted against one another, gasping desperately for air. "Wow," Blair breathed out tiredly.

"Yeah... wow," Jim agreed, wrapping his arms around Blair and kissing his curls. "God, you wear me out," he chuckled.

"I could say the same of you, man," Blair needled. "So... you really like the tattoo?"

"Surprisingly enough.... Yeah, I do. I just wish you would have talked to me about it first. There are things to consider like the skill of the tattoo artist, the sterility of his tools, allergies to the dyes --"

"Jim.... It's not real. I mean it's real, but it's Mehndi dye."

"Dye? You put dye on your ass and made me think it was a tattoo?" Jim thundered. "Of all the.... So it's not real?"

"Oh it's real. But only for about six weeks, which I figure will give me just enough time to talk you into the real thing, " Blair teased, rolling over to gaze down at his sputtering lover.

"Don't bet on it," Jim rumbled, palming one round butt cheek with a firm hand. "And maybe I should give you those traditional birthday swats after all. From where I'm sitting, it appears you need a firm hand."

Blair grinned broadly and bounced his head from side to side. "Promises, promises."

"Exactly, Chief. And I promise... your ass is mine," Jim growled playfully as he rolled them over until Blair was trapped beneath him.

"Of course it is, Jim. Your name is even there to prove it." Blair grinned madly and began to laugh, his lover soon following with his own low chuckles of pleasure.

Yeah, Blair thought as his lover's lips closed gently around one nipple, Happy birthday, Blair.


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