Holiday Special

Holiday Special
by Bluewolf, Kerensa, Rae

Rating: PG-13 to NC-17

NON-CANON! Anything Goes!

Illustrations: Patt, Peter

Cover Design: Patt

We preempt our regular programming to bring you these steamy hot short stories by our talented authors! Enjoy this selection of non-canon, no-holds barred fantasies! Brought to you by FiveSenses Inc with best wishes for the holidays!

Once Upon A Sentinel Clear by Kerensa:
Raiting: PG-13
Graphics Version Plain Version (40.3k)
Summary:  Blair and Jim reminisce and remember the very first Christmas in the loft. Blair and Jim were just becoming friends and Blair was new in Major Crimes. What kind of Christmas was it?

The Cold Case by Bluewolf:
Rating: R
Graphics Version Plain Version (72.3k)
Summary: A weekend party away from Cascade, a chance to relax and let their, well, Blair's hair down. No mayhem or murder. You'd think the guys would know better by now

Happy New Year by Rae:
Raiting: NC-17
Beta: Linda
Graphics Version Plain Version (16.7k)
Summary: There's an old Scottish tradition that Blair wants to keep very much alive in Cascade. Jim's not so sure.

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Note on Safe Sex: Episodes of SVS may contain depictions of consensual m/m sex.  These depictions may or may not be accompanied by specific mention of items necessary for safe and healthy intercourse.  It is the intention of FiveSenses Inc. and all SVS authors that even when such items are not explicitly mentioned, their use is to be assumed as a matter of course. All of us at FiveSenses Inc. are aware of the risks of unprotected sex in today's world, and strongly advocate the practice of safe sex, including the use of condoms and other protective devices.

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