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1998 Spooky Award
Winner of a 1998 Spooky Award
Outstanding Skinner/Mulder Romance
"Baton Rouge" 

Winner of the 1999 MulderTorture Anonymous Purple Heart Award in the Slash Category:
Best Long Story (80K+):
Baton Rouge by frogdoggie

2001 Spooky Awards Winner
First Place in Outstanding Skinner Characterization for "About Sharon"
Second and Third Place in Outstanding MulderSlash for "I Heard the Roar of Thunder" and "About Sharon".

2002 Spooky Awards Winner
"Fishing for Friendship" (written with PMD) and "Staking it Out"

2002 Spooky Award Winner - Fishing for Friendship

2002 Spooky Award Winner - Staking it Out
Please see my awards page for details.
Thanks to everyone who voted for the stories and to the Spooky Committee for a job well done.
I'd like to give a special thank you to my collaborator on "Fishing for Friendship", PMD
for working hard to make the story a good one, for being a joy to work with and for
sticking with me as a friend.
Congratulations to the other winners as well!

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