Mik was more than a friend and fanfic collaborator, he was like a second brother to me and I'm going to miss him more than I can say. He was just a tremendously gentle, generous soul and it was my honor and privilege to know him.

Mik's fanfic was brilliant and I learned much about writing from him in the years we populated Three Way Stop with stories. He helped me to be a better writer and was always there with feedback, advice and encouragement for which I'll always be grateful.

Mik often told me how much he appreciated all his readers. I know he was thankful for your wonderful support over the years. You kept him telling stories and for that, I'd like to thank you all as well.

Mik's final request was to tell everyone that he'd left to go waltzing with bears. Rest in peace, Frere. I know you're walking in peace and beauty forever. I know we'll meet again too.

frogdoggie (
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PS - Mik's passing will undoubtedly bring about some changes regarding the Three Way Stop archive. I don't plan to discontinue it, because I believe his pages should stand as a memorial to a very talented fanfic writer. However, I will need to modify a few things to reflect Mik's passing. I appreciate your patience as I do so. Thanks.