Title: Sleeping With Harry

Rating: Hardcore NC-17 (yay!)

Author: Carolanne O’Rourke

Email: carolanne240@yahoo.com

Summary: Ron and Hermione have been having a few problems with their sex life lately…could Harry be that problem?

Pairing: Harry/Ron/Hermione

Keywords: Harry/Ron/Hermione, Triads, Hardcore Smut…?

Warnings: This is my first smut fic that I’m posting here. It’s also very graphic (generally speaking) so take heed while reading this. Then let me know what should be done about my smut writing skills! Also this was NOT beta’d for the very reason I thought that if it was it would lose it’s meaning in how I wrote it. Who needs to beta smut anyway? *grin*


Sleeping With Harry

by Carolanne O’Rourke

Harry knew he wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box. He wasn’t the best looking wizard, or the smartest, maybe the most well known, but that was beside the point. Though he still wasn’t quite sure, but his best friends had been acting very strange around him lately. The couple hadn’t really withdrawn from their famous friend…just were a bit, awkward. That’s what Harry kept telling himself. What he didn’t know was that his two friends were skittering around a very touchy subject together.


"Oh…Ron…" Hermione’s moans were soft as she rode her boyfriend. When the two climaxed they fell apart and onto the bed together in a tangle. After a moment Ron spoke, rather breathless.

"So, did it happen again?" Hermione turned her head to him her own chest heaving.

"You really want to know?" She asked.

"Again huh?" Ron finished.

"Yeah. You too right? It wasn’t just a misunderstanding then?"

Ron shook his head. "No misunderstanding," Ron paused then sighed dramatically. "I was thinking about Harry, the whole bloody time. I’m not even gay Hermione."

Hermione not moving patted Ron’s arm in what she hoped was a supportive, comforting way. "It’s okay. You’re not alone."

"Yeah but- I’m a man, you’re a girl, and it’s sort of okay for you to have sexual thoughts about our best friend…" Ron paused. "And you know what? I can’t believe I just said that. I should be insanely jealous," He paused again before saying in a demanding voice. "Hermione. No more fantasizing about Harry while we’re shagging."

Hermione laughed. "Yeah! I’d like to see you try it!" Ron was silent. "Maybe there is a way to solve this." Hermione said, a bit of the tone she got when she figured out something in her voice.

"Ron," she began, sitting up slightly and lying on her side so she could look down at him. "Think we should…sleep with Harry?"

"What!" Ron’s face went as red as his hair as he shot up into a sitting position.

"Hear me out! Maybe it’ll solve our problems."

"Ha! I know what you’re doing!" He pointed a finger at her accusingly. "You just want an excuse to shag two guys at once!"

"Ron! That’s not fair!" Hermione exclaimed.

"He’d…be touching you! I’m only allowed to do that." Ron said with a hint of boyish pout.

"Honestly Ron, stop being so overdramatic, he’d be touching you too! I love you, but this problem just isn’t going to disappear. Maybe we should try this, share, you know?" Hermione bit her lip. "And, if it makes you feel any better, I’ll offer to have that threesome with Lavender you’ve always wanted, you can have two girls."

"Really?" Ron seemed to perk up a tiny bit at that offer.

"Yes. I just want this thing with Harry to be resolved. Let’s find out why we’re fantasizing about him, live those fantasies for a night then maybe we’ll know what they mean."

"Wait a minute, what makes us think Harry will even go through with it?" Ron wondered.

Hermione’s brown eyes glinted a bit. "Harry’s 17, single, he just ended his relationship with Cho, which means he’s lonely, and- he’s Bi." Hermione smiled knowingly.

Ron’s eyes widened as he gasped. "Harry’s Bi?!"

"You are the most thick-headed person I’ve ever met Ronald Weasley. Yes! Harry’s Bi! He has been since last year. Didn’t you see him romping off with Seamus and Dean a few months ago?"

Ron gasped again. "No! Seamus and Dean?" Realization dawned on Ron before he repeated waspishly, "No!"

"Yes! All winter. Blimey Ron, I think you need a potion to clear your head up.

"So…we’re gonna do it then? Sleep with Harry?" Ron said.

Hermione nodded slowly. "I think so."


"At least it’s someone we’re comfortable with and love as much as we love each other. Maybe it’ll be special." Hermione said hopefully.

"But let’s get one thing clear first before we move on. I’m not gay."

"No, of course not."

"I don’t like men."

"But you like Harry."

"Yes. No! I mean, yes I like and love Harry, but…"

"But you think about shagging him senseless while he eats me out right?"

Ron looked defeated. "Yeah."

* * *

Harry was indeed single, lonely and Bi-sexual. But the one thing Harry had never thought about before was shagging his best friends. The thought still didn’t even cross his mind when he received a note from them:


Meet us in my room at 10:00 tonight. You know the password.

Your friends,

Hermione and Ron.

So off Harry went thinking of nothing more besides an innocent discussion with his two best friends, most likely to tell him why they had been acting so stupid around him lately. When he opened the door to Hermione’s single dorm (for being Head Girl) he got the surprise of his life. There, right in front of him was Ron and Hermione, NAKED! And snogging passionately, one of Ron’s hands cupping his girlfriends face, the other working it’s way around her clit. He was absorbed at watching Ron’s long fingers move in and out of her wetness.

Harry shocked, watched as his best friends pulled apart. Did Ron and Hermione even have bodies? He didn’t recall ever noticing before, but oh-what bodies they were! Ron though seemingly tall and skinny was rather muscular, little hints of a wanna-be six pack on his belly. But what really caught his eye about Ron was his cock, big and long, gleaming with small drips of precum. Next to him, Hermione whom he had been so sure didn’t have any pleasant endowments to speak of put him in his place. Her body slightly dark was perfect. Small, supple breasts, cute tight belly and legs for days. Harry was so busy staring at his friends that he didn’t realize that he had just walked in on something private. He forgot to be embarrassed. "Glad you could join us Harry." Hermione, smiling? Held her hand out for him.

Harry, stunned, took it and Hermione pulled him to her and Ron, throwing him between the two of them. Harry smashed between his friends, Hermione in front, Ron in back was confused but getting slightly aroused. "Hermione and I have been thinking a bit Harry," Ron began. "We came to the conclusion," he paused. "That we really want to shag you." Ron explained before adding quickly. "Though I’m not gay."

Harry raised an eyebrow at Ron. He looked from Ron to Hermione before saying, slowly. "You guys…wanna fuck?"

Hermione grinning like a Cheshire cat nodded while Ron just shrugged. "Not that I’m saying no or anything, but what the hell brought this on?" Harry said.

"Well," Hermione began, letting out a small sigh as if she were just about to spill a dramatic tale. "Ron and I have been having some issues. The last couple of times we shagged, we were both…fantasizing…about you."

"Me?" Harry looked shocked.

"Yeah yeah, nothing to get your knickers in a twist about." Ron said.

"I bet that’s just what he wants, don’t you Harry?" Hermione said with a seductive tone as she turned Harry’s head to face hers and kissed him softly on his lips.

Hermione’s lips were warm, and very soft. She tasted strongly of cinnamon and spices. When she pulled away it was Ron’s hands next that he felt turning his head sideways so Harry had to lean all the way into Ron’s naked body as Ron kissed him. Ron’s kiss was soft too but much more hungrier then Hermione’s. His body tingled as Ron ravished his mouth with his tongue and Hermione placed butterfly kisses on his neck. Harry felt a moan escape his throat as things heated up. "Too much clothes…" Ron grunted into Harry’s mouth. "Off."

Harry felt two sets of hands pulling at his clothes. Soon enough Harry was able to feel Ron’s large cock poking at his naked ass, and Hermione who had closed the gap between them completely was unconsciously rubbing her body against his own. Harry’s member immediately sprung to life at this contact. "Oh god…" He whispered, realization finally dawning on him at what was going on.

"Do you want this Harry?" Hermione whispered. "Want us as much as we want you?" Her soft feminine hands found their home on his cock as she started to pump slowly watching his eyes intently.

Ron was watching the whole quiet exchange entranced, lust starting to form in his eyes. "Fuck…" Ron heard himself whisper. Ron’s cock throbbing now brought his lips down to the side of Harry’s neck, attacking it with lips, teeth, and tongue.

"Oh shit…yes…I want this…" Harry swooned, his head falling back against Ron’s shoulder.

Ron placed his right hand on Harry’s stomach, which was very hard and muscular from all his Quidditch training. His other arm snaked around Hermione smashing the three together. Harry watched to his amazement as Ron and Hermione exchanged a heated kiss, flashes of tongue could be seen and Harry had to bite his lip to keep a moan from escaping. "I want you to fuck me Harry…fuck me while Ron fucks my mouth." Hermione said running her tongue over his lips before pulling away from the two boys and walking slowly, backwards to the bed never taking her eyes off either of them.

The invitation left no opening for questions as the two rushed over to the bed where Hermione now lay on her back her legs spread wide open, fingers probing gently at her clit. Harry, beyond all coherent thought at the moment nestled himself between Hermione’s legs and plunged inside fully causing a loud shuddering gasp from Hermione which was muffled by Ron’s cock. Hermione’s small gasps and moans could still be slightly heard through her mouth full of Ron’s cock, which only set Ron off more with the throat vibrations. "Oh fuck, yes, suck my cock…" Ron’s voice was thick as he wet his lips with his tongue and pumped in and out of his girlfriend’s mouth. Soon the two boys had a rhythm going, alternating speeds. Harry’s own cock pumping in and out of Hermione’s tight hole at a rapid pace causing the bed to move and Hermione’s moans to grow louder her sucking on Ron’s cock to become faster, but then Harry would slow down and almost pull out completely – stopping which caused Hermione to wriggle in frustration and stop sucking to say. "Fuck Harry…fuck me…stop teasing…" Then when he’d commence again she’d scream for him to go faster until the bed was pounding against the wall.

Harry feeling the end coming near for his orgasm pulled Hermione’s legs over his shoulders causing her to squeal as he went in deeper then before. She was gasping heavily now no longer able to suck Ron’s cock. "Oh…oh god…yes fuck…" She arched her back as her climax approached.

Upon seeing this, Ron and Harry both felt their own orgasms coming and Harry slammed into Hermione as fast as he could and then collapsed shuddering on top of her after his release. Ron who had just started to cum was right near Harry’s mouth that took no time waiting and took Ron’s cock into his mouth and finished swallowing all of the redhead’s seed. Ron’s moans were very loud and ecstatic as his hands gripped Harry’s hair. When the three were spent they collapsed on the bed. A few minutes later, Hermione spoke again. "Ron…I want you to fuck Harry."

Ron seemed very skeptical of this but seeing Harry a few inches away, body gleamed with sweat and cock starting to spring to life again how could he resist? Nodding slightly he pulled Harry to him and devoured the pretty pink mouth, clashing their tongues as he took Harry’s cock in his hand only to have Harry do the same to him. The two divulged in one another while they worked each other back into hardness. Hermione could never recall a time when she had been more turned on in her life. Watching the two people she loved most in the world touch each other so intimately. It had to be one of the most erotic and beautiful things she’d ever seen. "You’ve done this before right?" Ron asked.

"Yeah, you?" Harry wondered.

Ron shook his head. "Don’t worry, you won’t hurt me." Harry assured as he pulled away and got on his hands and knees in front of Hermione whose legs were spread as she was pumping fingers into herself. Harry feeling a smirk come on lowered his head to her wetness and took over. Hermione gasped at the feel of Harry’s tongue.

She watched as Ron nervously took his position behind Harry who apparently had already performed a spell to lube himself. Hermione smiled at her boyfriend in encourangement. She moaned in delight along with Harry and Ron as soon as Ron pushed himself into the very tight hole. Ron who suddenly seemed to have trouble sitting up lay a bit over Harry’s back as he fucked his best friend. Harry was moaning in encouragement. "Yessss…just like that Ron…faster…oh god yes…" Harry’s breathing getting heavier everytime Ron hit his prostate.

Harry was looking up at Hermione with half-livid eyes as Ron pounded into him. Hermione bit her bottom lip to muffle her moaning and screams, which had become deafening once Harry had sped up his tongue pace. She could only recall saying certain things like, "Shit…mmm…Harry…fuck…harder…so hot…fuck him Ron…" Their release was a lot quicker this time and all three came at the same time bodies shaking in unison.

"So…how was I?" Ron wondered as soon as he got up the energy to speak.

Harry, who lay next to him, turned his head to meet Ron’s eyes. "Does it matter?"

"Actually, yes." Ron said.

"I thought you weren’t gay?" Hermione brought up.

"I’m not."

"Then why is it important for you to know?" Harry said.

"It just…is." Harry and Hermione looked at each other and smiled knowingly.

"You were great Ron." Harry assured the redhead and took his chin between fingertips as he planted a tender kiss on Ron’s lips. "Mmmm…strawberries. What is it with you Weasley clan tasting like strawberries huh?" Harry said before deepening the kiss.

"Wha-?" A moment later Ron pulled away his eyes wide with confusion. "What did you mean by…" His eyes grew as big as saucers. "Who!"

Harry gulped looking sheepish. "George…"



"Fred! And George?"


"Ginny! Ginny, George and Fred!?"

Harry coughed. "And uh…Percy."

"Oh my god! Percy’s gay?!"

"He was my first actually." Harry said.

Ron looked as if he was about to faint. Hermione whom had been listening with interest started chuckling. "But you know what?" Harry said, taking Ron’s arm. "I think you’re my favorite. Weasley, that is, your strawberry taste has a strong hint of cinnamon. The perfect combination…"

Hehehe…did anyone get that last line…? I was going for subtle…but writing this ruins that doesn’t it…? I thought it was cute. J